Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ataraxy - Curse of the Requiem Mass

ATARAXY - Curse of the Requiem Mass (ME SACO UN OJO / DETEST - LP 2010)
Ataraxy’s “Curse of the Requiem Mass” may not be the most original and crushing death metal release of all time – it actually is the opposite: it offers a well known and recently quite frequently traversed path of Swedish sounding death metal, influenced by the cult acts such as Dismember, Entombed, Grave, Carnage as well as by the American legends of Autopsy, Death and Repulsion. But despite the fact that what Ataraxy plays is something you can also find on many other releases, I still really enjoyed this album. Why? Well, first of all originality has never been something I would bother myself and definitely it is not something what for me makes the music to be good. Secondly, even if I can find some bands, which do this stuff better than Ataraxy and some people will probably say that they will prefer the originals only, I again don’t care, because what for me is significant is the fact that the Spanish band plays the music with a lot of passion and enthusiasm and that the sounds, which they created for this MLP are memorable but also dark and horrid, that the music is filled with energy and powerful riffs, plus some excellent melodies and finally that it is just bloody good. “Curse of the Requiem Mass” is one of those releases, which catch your attention right from the first listen; it doesn’t require a dozen of listens to get the band’s point and to understand what their aims were and what the music is all about. No, “Curse of the Requiem Mass” will crush you instantly and hook you for your guts, ripping them mercilessly without any problems; nicely and smoothly it will torture you with crushing riffs and ghastly vocals. Obviously that may again be a weaker side of such music – some people like to discover the album and get to know it with several listening. Sure, I also sometimes like such LPs, but sometimes I also like something straight forward and to the point; and “Curse of the Requiem Mass” is surely such an album.
The songs contain several awesome riffs and the classic Swedish-like production and the whole infected me like crazy ever since I’ve listened to it for the first time. I love the feeling and atmosphere of this music – dark, sinister, ghastly, reminiscent of the classic horror movies. “The Breaking Wheel” opens the album in great way, with some killer riffs and classic Swedish melodies in the vein of Dismember and then we have a title song, which also leaves no living behind, slaying mercilessly. This song is actually pretty slow, but if you prefer some faster tunes then “The Last Stare” will be perfect for you (although don’t expect ultra fast blasts anyway… it is fast, but not Krisiun fast). Personally I think that “The Last Stare” is OK, but it may be my least favourite song from this LP, as I prefer side B with “Bleed to Death” and “Hear the Ghouls” – both are just awesome songs, with quite doomy riffs here and there, some melodies also, all in all they freeze blood with that creepy atmosphere, which I love about such sounds. “Bleed to Death” also has some fast parts, so the devastation is guaranteed here! And in between there’s “Undead’s Attack”, which also is just superb song. All in all I must say that Ataraxy is awesome band and I really like this vinyl. They may not be as 666% killer as their fellow countrymen from Graveyard – who surely are one of the best bands around nowadays, but I think Ataraxy are not so far behind. I definitely enjoyed “Curse of the Requiem Mass” a lot and now I cannot wait to listen to their debut full length LP “Revelations of the Ethereal”. I already have it on vinyl, so I’ll listen to it very soon.
Oh, once more I need to praise the guy, who does the artwork for the album… This time it is Raul Gonzales, who also did some truly excellent work for Morbus Chrom vinyls (love them!), Horrendous’ “The Chills” (again brilliant work) or Abraxas’ “Damnation”. For “Curse of the Requiem Mass” he also did phenomenal job; the whole concept reminds me that horror movie called “Descent” with those inhuman terrifying creatures living, crawling in the caves. I don’t know whether the concept for the artwork of “Curse of the Requiem Mass” was similar, but anyway the result is awesome. HEAR THE GHOULS!
Standout tracks: “Hear the Ghouls”, “The Breaking Wheel”, “Bleed to Death”
Final rate: 83/100

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