Friday, 5 July 2013

Iron Maiden Gdańsk 4.VII.2013

Just woke up after yesterday's grat gig of Iron Maiden here in Gdańsk @ Ergo Arena. I must say that I really enjoyed the show (despite some very bad news, which I got on the phone right before the start - my wife miscarriage in the 2nd month of pregnancy; the music allowed me forget about the shit for a couple of hours). Maybe the sound wasn't the best, a bit quiet, I had a feeling like the guitars were just not loud enough and one may have thought that Janick is there just to pose rather than to play - or maybe it was the crowd, which was so damn loud, because we all sang, screamed for Maiden and had good fun... Anyway the show was good very good, the band is in good form, there were great pirotechniques and all the visuals, killer figures of Eddie and more so, I just loved the setlist, filled with the classics. I especially enjoyed "Run to the Hills", "Fear of the Dark", "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" and "Seventh Son...". Unfortunately the air conditioning was very bad and it was almost impossible to breath in the crowd, so after few songs I thought I will collapse. But I survived and found some more energy for the finishing songs like "Running Free" and "Iron Maiden". So, I am very happy to have the opportunity to see the band FINALLY after 20 years of being a fan. I hope it wasn't my last time with them and when next time I'll see them I won't be getting so bad news like yesterday. Up the Irons. 
PS. I forgot to add that the support band VoodooSix turned out to be a nice surprise, really solid and catchy rock music. I have enjoyed them as well! Power of riff!

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