Friday, 12 July 2013

Depraved literature part III – Crypts of Eternity #5

Depraved literature part III – Crypts of Eternity #V
Author: Ricardo Lucas, Victor Miranda, Xabier Sanchez
Origin: Peru
Release date: 2013
Interviews: Affliction Gate, Crucifire, Dark Descent Records, Desecresy, Diskord, Execration, Funerus, Grave Ritual, Infernal Conjuration, Magnanimvs, Malediction, Mark Riddick, Mausoleum / Morpheus Descends, Profaner, Repugnancia, Sanctifier, Undergang, Unholy Terror zine, War Master, Cenotaph, Cianide, Embalmed Souls, Headhunter DC
I already had in my collection Crypts of Eternity zine issue 4 for some time, so once I got a chance to purchase the new, 5th, issue I just knew I need to have it! And once it arrived I started to read it and I must say that definitely this Peruvian zine proved me once again that it is one of the best fanzines around the world nowadays. I like everything of it and must say that when reading it I felt like I have similar passion and enthusiasm as the guys behind Crypts of Eternity and we share a lot of similar musical tastes… and you know, having a fanzine 100% dedicated to death metal is also something cool (even if personally I also like some other styles of metal). More so, I must say that if you call yourself a diehard maniac of the traditional death metal, then Crypts of Eternity is just a must have for you… This zine offers a huge portion of reading (thick like a book!) with some of the best names of the present underground death metal scene.
But going from the beginning… well, Crypts of Eternity #5 is first of all decided to memorize and honour some old South American bands and this it devoted them lengthy articles. In this issue you’ll read strong editorials about Cenotaph, Repugnancia, Sanctifier, Headhunter DC and Embalmed Souls. Some other very old bands, but not from SA, also appear and it this issue they are Cianide, Morpheus Descends and Malediction, which are also well deserved, but rather underestimated old school death metal bands. Cenotaph is all about the 20 years anniversary of their excellent “The Gloomy Reflections” album, Embalmed Souls hails their 20 years of deathactivity, Cianide talks about their new, killer album “Gods of Death” and Headhunter DC is the less interesting a studio report. Meanwhile Repugnancia and Sanctifier, bands which I don’t know, to be honest, talks about their history, their releases and what was the scene like in their countries in the early 90’s. A lot of great reading and it is impossible to stop in the middle, so interesting and in depth these all articles are. But more is to come…
Finally Crypts of Eternity #5 supports in form of stunning and very long, very interesting chats such bands / labels / zines like Affliction Gate, Crucifire, Dark Descent Records, Desecresy, Diskord, Execration, Funerus, Grave Ritual, Infernal Conjuration, Magnanimvs, Mark Riddick, Mausoleum, Profaner, Undergang, Unholy Terror zine and War Master. Isn’t that list enough to raise the interest in the zine? And I can assure you that the crew of Crypts of Eternity did their work very well. Each interview really good, with lots of interesting questions and even if they deal mainly with the music, they still are pretty original. I really liked this work and the reading of it was just a huge pleasure. More so, also because the layout of this issue of Crypts of Eternity looks awesome; the whole zine is professionally printed, I like the paper and the whole result… Yeah, definitely these are 106 pages worth of sin.
So, to conclude… once more I was totally blown away by the South American fanzine. It seems like maniacs down there do the best zines at the moment, so give it a huge support and let’s hope that the next Crypts of Eternity issue will be out soon!

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