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Depraved literature part IV – Pulverizer zine #5

Depraved literature part IV – Pulverizer zine #5
Author: Bill
Origin: Scotland
Release date: (May 1993)
Interviews: Ungod, Suffer, Human Waste, Enchantment, Adramelech, Purulence, Altar, As Serenity Fades, Dead Christ, Gutted Pulp, Disembowelment, Excavation, Blood, Impetigo, Necropsy, Electrocution, Morstice, Therion, Avulsed, Embalmer
I’ve found this scans of this old zine on the killer Send Back My Stamps website and once I looked at the bands, which it featured I quickly started to read the zine, as the content seemed to be truly awesome. Pulverizer is a fanzine from Scotland and this fifth issue from 1993 deals totally with death metal bands (with just a small dose of black metal – Ungod and Dead Christ; two lame band hehe). Looking at the bands, which issue #5 features, it is like a list of what was the best in the death metal underground of that time – I mainly have to mention those bands, which I know and like a lot like Purulence (killer!), Excavation, Adramelech, Suffer, Morstice, Therion, As Serenity Fades and Necropsy. But really the whole content of this fanzine is very interesting, also because Bill, its editor, knew how to make some interesting chats. And even if they’re not too long (but sometimes they are), still he asks the most important questions, avoiding those bullshit questions, which some fanzines of that time loved to ask (because who cares if the guy likes to eat pizza or what’s the colour of his pants? OK, there’s one exception in this issue of Pulverizer, when the guy from Disembowelment is asked if he has any pets at his house hehe! What sort of question is that??!! luckily it is the only such stupid question). All in all I find most of these interviews interesting, maybe besides those shorter ones like with Ungod or Dead Christ. I think that the chats I liked most were the ones with Adramelech, Disembowelment, Impetigo, Suffer and Necropsy; they’re all very informative and interesting.
More so, along with the great number of interviews Pulverizer offers a strong section of demo / EP / CD reviews – and it is a big advantage of this issue, as it reviews some of the most important recordings of that time (early 1993). And it is great to read some words about the demos of now famous and popular bands, like Emperor for instance, you know… Back then they weren’t known and the feeling was totally different. And sometimes the recordings, which now are recognised as cult, back then could have been smashed with the critique hehe (actually that Emperor demo got quite positive reception in Pulverizer). Finally, speaking of the layout – Pulverizer was very typically looking fanzine, but clean and tidy layout was surely an advantage, even if the quality of the Xerox made the photos a bit blurry. But all in all I’ve really enjoyed the reading of this zine and if you wanna find out what was the death metal scene like back in 1993, then spare a couple of hours for reading it. You’ll find it on
Quote of the issue:
“Q: Do you practice Satanism? A: Yes I do. I practise about 2 or 3 times a week in an old farmhouse. I worship him in the shadow of the six burning black candles" (a proof why the early black metal interviews were so dam hilarious... but I wonder what the guy from Ungod has been doing for the rest of the week, if he's been doing his "satanism" only twice a week hehe!!!) – Infamist, Ungod
“Masturbation is a desire and I desire it at least 3 times a day” – Paul Jones, Enchantment
"...many zines have sent the questions and promised to send a free copy of their zine, but only few have come. Most of them are rip off, especially Polish zines, which only want to get a free copy of our demo..." (Jani, Adramelech)
“Q: Have you encountered many rip offs? A: “Yeah, too many! Many zines from Poland…” (Remi Cote, Purulence)
Hmm, any problems with the Polish phantom zines hehe?

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