Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tartaros - the end incomplete

Tartaros - The End Incomplete
I hope you remember that a while ago I did review Tartaros' excellent "The Red Jewel" CD. In this review I asked what has happened to Charmand Grimloch and if Tartaros will ever be continued. I really did hope so, as it was such a good band... Well, sometime later I was contacted by R.W., who is a former webmaster of Tartaros' website. He wrote me exactly what happened to Grimloch, giving no hope to ever see a continuation of "The Red Jewel". Here is what he wrote:
"After the release of "The Red Jewel", Joachim planned to release a new album entitled "The Emblem T". He was also interested in starting to play live with several musicians in order to fully achieve the multilayered dimension of Tartaros' sound. However, and as everyone knows, that didn't ensue... Neither that nor the release of The Thrill's debut (as you can read on a note here).
Shortly afterwards, Joachim started to pursuit other interests in music and sound design (he was involved with several Norwegian mainstream shows) and he's currently living in America, composing and playing with other sorts of music, and I believe he has no interest in Metal whatsoever these days. Still, he delves in epic sonorities, as well as popular musical approaches."

Well, Grimloch completely lost interest in metal and his past is now deep buried by time and dust. He has chosen Hollywood and he probably doesn't even remember anymore that something like Tartaros or Emperor ever existed. Well, his choise, I don't care anymore, I hate it, but for sure I will treasure Tartaros, as it was such a damn good band. Ha, here is the most recent photo of Grimloch, now just Joachum, which I have found on facebook. You may laugh or you may like it... I don't care anymore.

And just one more sentence from R.W.: "Given your interest in Tartaros (and possibly in extreme Metal), I give you the address for my webzine, The Lodge (which is online since 1998): Hope you enjoy it..."
R.W., I did read some interviews in your webzine, like with Zyklon and Darkthrone and I must say they are really good.

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