Sunday, 23 June 2013

Voidhanger - The Antagonist

Polish hell is filled with the insane and violent demons, who never feel mercy and take no prisoners, always opting for the massacre and bloodshed instead of the peace and friendly cup of tea. Voidhanger is a band, which actually appeared to this scene only a couple of years ago, but did so in excellent style with a killer full length LP “Wrathprayers”. I was truly crushed by those sounds, but that shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone, as the band line up consists of some well experienced in the warcraft musicians, known from such bands as Infernal War, Massemord, Medico Peste or Iperyt. “Wrathprayers” was an insane dose of crushing blackened thrash metal and soon after the release of it Voidhanger came back with another release, this time released through Malignant Voices titled “The Antagonist”. It is barely a MCD, but with five songs it has about 20 minutes on the clock, so it is enough to cause the serious damage once more and it surely will bring a total destruction around the place you play it. And trust me, destruction it brings, as those sounds have such a high dose of lethal energy and power that if it was a weapon then for sure it had a nuclear strength.
I simply worship such style of metal – deeply rooted in the traditions of thrash, death and black of the 80’s, but played with the current ferocity and with absolutely crushing, powerful production. Already such bands as Aura Noir have proved that such archaic music can be played with passion and in more “modern” way and many more bands are following this malignant path (Nocturnal Breed, WItchmaster, Destroyer 666… and more). Voidhanger brings nothing new to this style, but the quality of their music is better than in 99% of similar bands, crushing them instantly within the seconds of “Malignant Crescendo”, which begins the slaughter. Oh, what a fuckin ferocity, how damn merciless and aggressive this music is and how killer and violent are those riffs, making sure that the listener will do nothing else, but bang his head and praise the beast!!!!!! Every sound on “The Antagonist” is right, every riff rips the guts and spills blood… and I love it. Excellent energy and great power – Voidhanger is like great panzerdivision, attacking with everything they have. Each song is a great anthem of blackened thrash metal and finishing the MCD with Bathory’s “Sacrifice” (very well played!) it is a perfect listening experience; there’re no weaknesses. This will break your bones and knock you out... I cannot wait to hear some more music from those Polish demons.
Standout tracks: all
Final rate: 90/100

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