Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Profanal - Rotten Bodies

PROFANAL - Rotten Bodies (Self released demo CD 2010)
Finally, after having collected a couple of split 7”EPs and a debut full length CD, I managed to put my hands on the demo “Rotten Bodies” of the Italian gravediggers and corpse molesters Profanal. Well, my enthusiasm for this demo was quite big, as I really liked all the previous releases of this band and I can say that surely “Rotten Bodies” didn’t disappoint me and delivered the music, which I exactly expected to find. More so, the quality of this demo material – even if not as good as from “Black Chaos” CD – is more than satisfying, so I can say that adding this demo to my collection was a damn good choice.
From the strictly musical point of view “Rotten Bodies” offers more or less, but a similar sort of death metal, which you can find on any of the two split EPs or on “Black Chaos” album. Profanal exhumes the filthy and obscure old school death metal, very much influenced by the Swedish scene and bands like… uh, fuck that, I won’t give you any names, as what’s the point? They keep coming back in every review nowadays, so I think you know well what names I would put now (besides, together with that Swedish influence I would definitely had to add the inspiration of Death – from their early albums – as well as a bit of Carcass and Autopsy!). But forget about a plain and simple “cut and paste” sort of imitators… I think that Profanal has something more to offer than just that and as much as I liked their other recordings, I like “Rotten Bodies” as well. There are some truly crushing riffs and killer songs in here with “Egg Fetus” being probably my favourite (maybe because it is slightly slower and thus it has really great feeling and dark, thrilling atmosphere? Besides, it really reminds me one of my very favourite bands of all time!). And then I can pick up also “Condemned to Vomiting” – uh, what a joyful title... but the riffs in this song are again very fuckin good. Actually the whole demo, with its four songs, is just a crusher and I feel really enthusiastic and passionate, when listening to such extremely well composed and performed death metal. Especially as the production of “Rotten Bodies” is also really damn good… the guitars have that great tone, which will instantly bring your attention and the drums and vocals have also been really well recorded. Finally the whole demo – on my copy – has been finished with a bonus track, which is a live recording of “You’ll Never See…”. It may not sound as good as the rest of the demo, but for live recording of an underground band it also isn’t as bad as one would think… besides, I guess it can say a lot about the influences of Profanal… Ha, all in all I must say that “Rotten Bodies” really fuckin shreds and I strongly recommend you getting this demo, as well as all next Profanal releases… This band didn’t disappoint me so far, so well fuckin done, you spaghetti freaks!
Standout tracks: “Egg Fetus”, “Condemned to Vomiting”
Final rate: 85/100
KILLER COVER of Spawn of Flesh, orig by God Macabre

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