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Depraved literature part II – A 1000 Years #1

Depraved literature part II – A 1000 Years #1
Author: Morten
Origin: Norway
Release date: 1994
Interviews: Unleashed, Varathron, Enslaved, Monumentum, Katatonia, Burzum, Rotting Christ
I’ve found this very interesting zine on the Asmodian Coven blog.
Norwegian zine from 1994? Fuck, this is something what catches the attention immediately, if you only are a fan of the old Norwegian scene from that period of time – and who isn’t? As you can see by the number of interviews, there aren’t too many and not necessarily they are with the old Norwegian cults, but the names such as Enslaved, Burzum and Katatonia are enough to make me sweat in excitement. And damn, definitely A 1000 Years delivered a good portion of reading. But starting with the beginning, first there’s a chat with Unleashed, a band, which may not fit musically to the rest of the zine, but who cares, it is always great to read some old chats with the one of the finest Swedish death metal bands. This intie is rather short, but decent… but better is one with Varathron, which is much longer and more in depth. The old interview with Enslaved – with Daimonion or Ivar, as we know him nowadays) – is a real highlight of the issue for me. Great band and I don’t know many old chats with them, especially from the “Yggdrasill” demo era. There are some great questions, not only about the band, but also about paganism, etc, so it is very interesting and lengthy interview. You just must read this! But the rest of the chats are also long and really interesting: with Monumentum, Katatonia… and what about that interview with Vickernes? Well, very long (6 pages!), very interesting, but with some bullshit theories of Vickernes as always… for sure it has a great historical value. What is this interview about exactly? Just read it yourself, but I can guarantee it’s one of the best and most historical chats done with this guy.
In the reviews section you’ll read about demos of such bands as Carpathian Forest, Ancient, Graveland, Mock, Moonspell, Enslaved, Katatonia, so there’s a nice historical value to it… but not so many Norwegian old demos, to be honest, so one may feel slightly disappointed by that. And finally A 1000 Years is filled with a number of articles, dealing with paganism, Norwegian churches, trends exposed etc, which may interest some of you, but personally I am not too convinced by some of them. And there’s even Manowar story (which in my opinion is rather a complete waste of space). All in all, I think that A 1000 Years is an extremely good fanzine, with great historical value, so I strongly recommend you getting a scanned copy (which circulate in the internet now) or real copy of this zine… Damn, it is worthy of few hours spent over its lecture.
Quote of the issue:
“Perhaps some nuns have nice legs and ties, but I doubt they know how to use them...?” (Johnny, Unleashed)
"Exactly who in this "mafia" has something against us? I strongly doubt it, but if this should be true, we're very into war..." (Blackheim, Katatonia)
“I am proud of my blue eyes, dark blond hair and white skin” (Varg Vickernes, Burzum)

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