Saturday, 3 March 2012

Blaze of Perdition - The Burning Will of Expansion

BLAZE OF PERDITION - The Burning Will of Expansion (PAGAN Records - EP 2011)
This EP was supposed to be an appetizer before the second album of Blaze of Perdition, „The Hierophant”, comes out. For me it went the other way around, as I’ve heard the album first and then I decided to purchase also this EP, as I thought it will be a cool addition to my vinyl collection. And definitely it is and I can honestly recommend “The Burning Will of Expansion” to everyone. There are two exclusive and killer songs and if you liked the albums of Blaze of Perdition, then there’s no way this EP will disappoint you.
Both tracks – “Into the Nothingness Divine” and “Zatracenia Blask” – are impressive in every bit. The production is excellent, very tight, powerful and professional, but with this unique ingredient, which makes the atmosphere dark as the darkest pits. I love the riffing of Blaze of Perdition. Sure, it may remind you the Swedish orthodox black metal bands, but who cares, if it’s handled so well and performed with such a passion? There’s fuckin venom and hatred in every second of this music and the whole is very powerful but also relatively melodic and catchy, which is really surprising, but that’s the whole beauty of such playing. Of the two tracks, I like “Zatracenia Blask” slightly more, but “Into the Nothingness Divine” is also really great, it even has a small influence of thrash in few parts I think. Anyway, “The Burning Will of Expansion” is an extremely well performed and written black metal release. I like it a lot and if you’re also a fan of this sort of playing and some specific Swedish bands, then I strongly recommend you getting this EP. 
Final rate: 85/100

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