Saturday, 3 March 2012

Megascavenger - Songs of Flesh (Part I)

MEGASCAVENGER - Songs of Flesh (Part I) (SELFMADEGOD - EP 2012)
Is this guy ever sleeping or doing anything else than reaping the guts with his guitars and vomiting from his throat like a maniac? I’m not even going to try to count all the bands that Rogga Johansson has participated in and to be honest even if not all the albums he’s putted out are good enough and there are some less interesting CDs (like some of the Paganizer more grinding bits), still I admire Rogga for the never ending enthusiasm and passion to deliver more and more death metal tunes. From the other hand it must be such a great and comfortable feeling to be able to record and release basically anything you like and as often as you like. The past few months have been active for Rogga again, releasing new albums from Paganizer, Ribspreader, I’ve heard there’s also new Revolting on its way and all of a sudden Rogga started also Megascavenger! How, when, why??? Shit, I would need to ask him all that hehe, but I’m not going to complain, as this new project seems to be one of the coolest of all of Rogga’s bands, really.
I’ve first heard of Megascavener’s EP was when I got the e-mail about it from Selfmadegod. I’ve purchased it immediately, as I wanted to have the 100 copies limited green marble vinyl… That was on Saturday and on Thursday I already had the EP in my hands. First I was slightly disappointed that it hasn’t got an inlay card or something like that with the lyrics, some info about the project, line up, etc. It’s a shame, but I already knew that Megascavenger is sort of special project, as the idea for it is somehow similar to Necronaut, if you’ve heard of this cool band of Fred Estby. The main idea behind it was to have a different vocalists and musicians on each song and it was supposed to be a well known and respected name. And so did Rogga here, introducing Jorgen Sandstrom from Torture Division (and ex-Grave and Entombed fame) in "Deathobsessed" and Paul Speckmann (Master, ex Abomination and Krabathor and many other hehe) in "No Haven For The Sane". How cool is that, eh? Great idea, really.
But the thing is, even the best vocalists wouldn’t safe the EP if the music sucked. Luckily, here it’s not a case. The first song, "Deathobsessed ", is just a fuckin smasher. I like it a lot, with those razor sharp riffs and the whole atmosphere, which is nothing more or less, but an old styled Swedish death metal meets Autopsy and some other cults. Great production, chunky riffs, played in great mid paced tempo, very brutal but also horrifyingly catchy and even groovy… this is the essence of the old school death metal! And Jorgen did some cruel and amazing vocals there! It’s a bit similar to Ribspreader, in my opinion, but that’s cool, as I like this band a lot. "No Haven For The Sane" is pretty much similar in style of riffing - groovy and aggressive, but the vocals are much more obscure, just as you would expect from Speckmann, so this song really takes us even more back to the origins of US death metal and bands like Master, Autopsy and Repulsion. Really damn cool… So in the end my appetite for the full length album of Megascavenger is very high, I hope Rogga will get it ready pretty quickly! The rumours say that there will be such guest vocalists like Marc Grewe, Dan Swano, Patrick Mamelli… Arrghhhh!
Final rate: 85/100

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