Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Dead Will Walk - Unleash the Dead

DEAD WILL WALK - Unleash the Dead (WOLFSBANE Records - 7"EP 2017)
Some time ago I had a pleasure to play "Vestibule of Hell" vinyl compilation with some more or less known underground death metal bands. Among them there was a newcomer Dead Will Walk with their first song "Prison Tomb". I liked it a lot, so I was looking forward to hear more from this band. Sadly, I missed their split cassette with Entrapment released by Cavernous Records. But I will get it one day, I must! It's on my wantlist. But even more recently Wolfsbane Records unleashed Dead Will Walk's second plague, which is this excellent "Unleash the Dead" 7"single. I really like this shit, I have to say. Even though Dead Will Walk music doesn't stand out with anything special on the field of old school death metal, it is good enough to please my hunger for this rotten, obscure music. They do everything just as they should, have killer riffs, good ideas, very nice raw production and the music has this horror-esque, brutal feeling, which fits that sort of death metal so well... So, there's everything just as it should be and I have been spinning this seven inch quite many times today. And did that with great pleasure. 
The music is rather simplistic. I mean it's not fancy, technical stuff, but short songs with three or four riffs, simple structure and rather memorable mid-paced, brutal riffage. Autopsy and old Death seem to be the strongest influence, but also the likes of Morgoth, Repulsion, there's even a bit of Swedish vibe similar to such Puteraeon. But the result is just very pleasant. It's just plain, simple traditional rotten death metal with zombies / gore / horror topics in the lyrics. It's cool that this vinyl has four songs, so it's enough to see how solid and promising the music of Dead Will Walk is. And there's no remorse, when banging your head! So, if you like that sick old school death metal, you better get piece of vinyl for your collection. It's limited to 300 copies only, so you better be hurry! 
Verdict: 75/100 

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