Thursday, 5 January 2012

Facebreaker - Dead Rotten and Hungry

FACEBREAKER - Dead Rotten and Hungry (PULVERISED - CD 2008)
"...Blood and gore, I will cut you up; expose your maggot-infested brain; a pill of skulls and bones, a smell of rotting flesh... dead, rotten and hungry".
Oh, how lovely! Finally the second FACEBREAKER album opens its rotten doors! But if anyone expects any drastic changes from “Bloodred Hell” debut, then he’ll be disappointed. “Dead Rotten and Hungry” simply walks the same path the first CD did. It’s based on similar idea of playing cool, aggressive, simple death metal songs. No bullshit here; no waste of time for useless crap. From the start, till the last second you’ll hear pure Swedish death metal! And I have to say FACEBREAKER really reminds me BLOODBATH more and more. The feeling of the music is so similar that you may feel dissociated. If it’s a fault or a value, you must judge it yourself. What I care is that I like it a lot.
The album is opened by a fast fucker called “Slowly Rotting”, a brilliant tune, with few absolutely catchy and banger’s friendly riffs, played in fast tempo. Then the title track makes me think of the gods from the mighty BLOODBATH a lot! This track easily would fit to the “Resurrection Through Carnage” LP, even the vocals are similar. This track also has a great chorus, surely it’s one of the most memorable songs from the album with its cool vocal lines. “Night of the Burning Dead” seems to me to be more melodic, maybe because of really cool solo; it’s also slower, more epic song. “Walking Dead” is one of my favourites... brilliant headbanger with bit slower and melodic chorus. “Unanimated Flesh” is a classic Swedish death metal song, while “Devoured by Decay” is very simple, with one main riff going throughout the entire song; easy, but effective and brutal shit.
Uff, what else can I say? I love the sound FACEBREAKER has on “Dead Rotten and Hungry”. The guitars are aggressive and really Swedish, drums work and sound is top class and as overall it has that old school feeling, but not necessarily primitive. It is professionally produced, but brutal at the same time. Maybe “Dead Rotten and Hungry” doesn't bring anything new into neither FACEBREAKER style nor Swedish death metal as overall and to some point it’s almost predictable and typical, but who gives a damn, if the music is actually killer? I don’t at all. I love that album and am proud that there are still such death metal acts able to kick the ass so hard. Recommended!
Final rate: 80/100 

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