Friday, 20 January 2012

Putrified - Neurotic Necrotic

PUTRIFIED - Neurotic Necrotic (HELLTHRASHER - CD 2012)
You would think that nowadays everything that has got a label OLD SCHOOL and comes from Sweden must be a sure shot and killer music. But no, there were few less inspiring exceptions, like Crucifyre. So far Putrified also wasn't able to convince me at all. The previous recordings from this one-man project were quite miserable to be honest and especially their sound quality was just awful. I did hope though that the new Putrified album, "Neurotic Necrotic", will bring much improvement in every aspect of obscure death metal that A.Death tries to perform, but I'm afraid I got only disappointed, as this new full length is not much better than any of the previous Putrified released.
Again I can only say that I don't like the production of "Neurotic Necrotic". It's very amateurish and too raw and primitive to my taste. Hmm, I have nothing against muddy sounds, but sometimes it's just too much, just like on "Neurotic Necrotic". The guitars may sound fine, their garage sound may lack the aggression, but makes up for that in the atmosphere. But with the annoying drum machine it all just results in the kind of production I like least, which is homemade, uninspiring and deprived of all the aggression and obscure feeling such music should have. With that, "Neurotic Necrotic" doesn't make me bang my skull, but rather think how dull such bedroom bands are.
Musically Putrified is very old school, combining some of the most ravage and morbid Swedish bands (Grotesque, Nihilist, Morbid, etc) with the Autopsy meets Repulsion meets Mantas, etc. But with all the respect, I can't hear much good riffing on "Neurotic Necrotic", Putrified is completely deprived of powerful riffs, good ideas and anything else, that usually would make the music worthy. Not that there's absolutely nothing what would be listenable, there may be few better fragments, but they all are drowned in the sea of such boredom I haven't heard in this genre for a long time. Sorry to say so, but I am not going to lie anyone, there's just absolutely nothing on "Neurotic Necrotic" I would find as decent, I can be picky on each detail of this music, even the vocals annoy me (they're sort of bad copy of Chris Reifert's)... So, in the end I think such recording doesn't deserve anything more that being released as a demo, definitely not as a CD album, but that's the mark of our times that even the most crappy recordings find their way out of the pits and get professionaly released. I think that's the first such real slip in the roster of Hellthrasher, hopefully the last one ever. Much trust me, there are far better and more superior old school death metal releases around nowadays to worry about this one, so basically "Neurotic Necrotic" can just be skipped.
Final rate: 40 / 100
The story behind „Neurotic Necrotic” (narrated by A. Death):
„The album is something as pretentious as a concept album in the sense that the lyrics tells a story rather than just the regular gore stuff that the lyrics dealt with on the first album "Spawn Of The Dead". No Worries though, it ain't a rockopera, the music is Putrified's form of Necrotic Metal Of Death & Decay as always. Anyway, the story tells of a man who starts to hear voices he cannot see. They tell him things and he can't make them stop and starts to dig up graves from where the voices come. In an attempt to make the voices stop he injects the dead with various fluids that make themc ome alive. Hence the title "Neurotic Necrotic", then the dead starts to walk and try to make their way home to the land of the pharoes etc. The story is very loosely based on the HP Lovecraft stories Herbert West - Reanimator and Under The Pyramids. Even if the story is something that has been worked on it really is the music and songs that are the most important thing. I think these songs are much stronger as an album than "Spawn Of The Dead", the songs form a strong entity. Putrified's sound has expanded and new things are incorporated, this material is more focused on groove and catchy riffs than the first one.”

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