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Moloch Letalis / Death's Cold Wind - Czarci skowyt / Apeiron

MOLOCH LETALIS / DEATH'S COLD WIND - Czarci Skowyt / Apeiron (OLD TEMPLE Records CD 2017)
If I can be honest, I really used to underestimate Moloch Letalis. I didn't think that some of their earlier recordings were exceptional at all (also when they recorded as Moloch). They were just mediocre, I thinkBut then they (the band, I mean) forced me to change my opinion when "Zgliszcza" album was released. This album left exactly that... ashes. Finally I got convinced that Moloch Letalis is worthy and killer band. And I'm happy that Diabolizer (drums) wanted to keep that good impression and sent me another fantastic release of his band - "Czarci skowyt / Apeiron", a blasphemous ejaculation of Moloch Letalis and Death's Cold Wind from Ecuador. Fuck, this split is a fantastic piece of death metal, ferocious and destructive from start to finish.  
We get five anthems from each band. Moloch Letalis is first to rise weaponry. And I love their songs. Pure, old school, utterly vicious and violent death metal with hints of black and even thrash metal sometimes. It wastes no second but kills with the most aggressive and usually blasting style of playing. It works for me perfectly, because I like that energy, which comes from these sounds, I like that blasphemous, evil feel of their music and lyrics, which again are all in Polish. And it’s one of the very few examples, when Polish language doesn't disturb me, but works bloody well – partly because PanzerFaust has great voice, but also because of the simplistic, but very straight forward and violent character of Moloch Letalis music. Anyway, these are really great songs. "Czarci skowyt" or "Zdrada" are pure masterpieces. Or "Zaciskam kły"!!! Yeah, it's godly stuff, in my opinion! And they're about to unleash a new album very soon. I'm looking forward to hear it. 
And now Death's Cold Wind. I missed their album titled "Subyugador - In Goat We Trust", but I definitely want to get a copy asap, because they're pretty solid and good band, in my opinion. Their music is also death metal but with a lot of thrash and black influences here and there and quite simplistic, harsh and dark sounding. Just like in Moloch Letalis, everything sounds primeval, evil and fuckin violent. I like that kind of archaic and old school feel this music has, especially in "Apeiron", which no doubt is the best song here. I like also the sound of the vocals, with Spanish lyrics and that totally relentless and vicious riffage. But it's weird that the music style changes a bit through the set, with tracks like "Sexo Satanico", where it is more like blackened thrash or something like that. Quite cool, I have to say. There's only one track, which I think is less impressive and it's "Aidem Dade (Grimorium Verum cover)". Everything else is very good. Maybe not as good as Moloch Letalis, but very good anyway. Certainly, Death's Cold Wind are another South American band, which I totally recommend, yes! 
Standout tracks: "Czarci skowyt", "Zdrada", "Apeiron" 
Verdict: 75/10

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