Friday, 16 March 2018

CRIPPLING MADNESS - Bestialski rzeźnik (PUTRID CULT - CD 2017)
"Bestialski rzeźnik" simply means "Bestial Butcher" - and you can quickly guess that such title can fit only one metal genre - fuckin thrash metal! And that's exactly what you get from Crippling Madness. This demo is their debut effort, firstly released on tape, but now also on CD by Putrid Cult, limited to 500 copies. 
And as a usual thrash demo, it sounds pretty solid, yet very mediocre and forgettable at the same time. I never can get too excited for these new thrash bands, don't know why. But I think that these three songs are not bad at all, I like this (classic) violent, aggressive feel of old school thrash metal, mostly alike to Destruction and hardly ever innovative. It is good enough to defend itself and to enjoy the music. There are some nice riffs here, even the vocals with the Polish lyrics, sound not bad at all. Yet, it's not enough to really impress me. There's nothing on "Bestialski rzeźnik" what would scream "killer!!!", it's just type of release, which you play couple of times and quickly forget about it. Also, the drums (machine?) sound crap... So, I'm quite pleased that this is just quarter of an hour of music, so it's all over before I get really annoyed. 
Standout track: "Bestialski rzeźnik" 
Verdict: 55/100 

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