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Tehace - Zymatic Disease of Human Believes

TEHACE - Zymatic Disease of Human Believes (Self released CDr 2001)
Tehace is not a band, whose name would be widely known in the wordlwide death metal underground. Although the band have been around for 16 years now and have several recordings unleashed, they have not yet managed to capture enough attention of people. Which is weird, because I think they came up with some good music and surely deserve a bit more support. So, maybe this short review will introduce you to Tehace and after reading it, you’ll grab their material. Personally I have two releases from this band and first of these two is called “Zymatic Disease of Human Believes”. I am not sure if my copy is legitimate, as I have this EP on a CDR with xeroxed booklet, but I cannot even remember where did I get it from and if I’ve ever seen any different copies of it, so… who knows. “Zymatic Disease of Human Believes” was also released as a split tape with Silent Confusion (by Apocalypse Productions, in 2001), by the way.
This EP brings us four songs, each separated with additional instrumental tracks / intros. The fifth proper song is legendary “Rapture”, originally written and performed by Morbid Angel. And this band is surely one of the main influences of Tehace, which you can spot here. I can also compare them to Divine Rapture, but especially to Scottish band called Mithras, as both bands have been using many intros, had quite similar vocals and their sound had also been quite alike. Definitely Tehace played some weird stuff here, their death metal is not necessarily so easy to get into, as it sometimes has quite complex riffs and structures… It’s almost progressive sometimes, but still brutal and usually fast as hell. And it’s not bad at all. I cannot say that “Zymatic Disease of Human Believes” sounds like my most preferred death metal, but I do like to listen to such stuff occasionally as well. You can probably hear that the band was still trying to get their style right, come up with something original. And maybe sometimes their songs were a bit messy, but definitely you can say that it sounds not bad at all. I do like it, so try them, give this band a listen and discover yet another solid band from the Polish death metal hell.
Standout track: “Who am I?”

Final rate: 70/100

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