Thursday, 8 December 2016

Cancerfaust - Killing Spree

CANCERFAUST - Killing Spree (Self released demo CD 2016)
Strong debut release came from Polish band called Cancerfaust. Their demo “Killing Spree” is tearing my guts out since few days and I am really enjoying this sonic torture. There are five tracks on this demo and it’s very solid effort, very well done brutal death metal. Their music is not super technical or fast, what works better for my taste, as I hate death metal that is too complex and hardly memorable. It makes me tired and bored. Cancerfaust is usually mid paced, rather simpler and straight forward, vicious band that has quite an old school feel, which is definitely something nice (or utterly unbearable for not death metallers haha). It’s brutal, groovy, it’s crushing. When I was thinking if I can compare them to anyone else, one of my first thoughts was Deranged. And then I saw that Deranged actually had a song called “Killing Spree” – so maybe that’s a clue haha! But you know, if you take also old Cannibal Corpse, or bands like Vile, Severe Torture, Insision, Blood Red Throne – they will all fit one or another, because it’s quite typical sounding death metal. But Cancerfaust did good job here, I like these songs, I cannot say anything bad about the performance of the band and the sound quality is also good enough… so, “Killing Spree” is a nice surprise and interesting debut. I am definitely looking forward to hear more from Cancerfaust and let’s hope they will only get better and better.

Final rate: 70/100

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