Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Uncanny - Liturgy

UNCANNY - Liturgy (Bandcamp release 2016)
I don’t usually do bandcamp reviews. Hmm, I think I never did. But in this case I decided to write few words, because here’s Uncanny, coming back with brand new EP, containing three songs that will crush every fuckin Swedish death metal maniac to pieces. Yeah! I was waiting for another sign of life from Uncanny ever since I had a pleasure to listen to their killer comeback 7”EP called ”The Path of Flesh” (2012), which I loved. My wish came true finally and here they’re back. Sadly it’s a bandcamp “release”, but I am sure this stuff will soon be released in proper vinyl format. I am waiting for it and if no one will be interest in releasing it, then I will do that haha!
There’s been a small change in Uncanny line up, since “The Path of Flesh” was released. It’s only the master of riff Fredrik "North" Norrman and drummer Kennet Englund left on the battlefield, joined by new vocalist, no one else, but Mikael Hanni from fuckin killer band Disrupted. I’m glad that the line up change didn’t make Uncanny any weaker. This band still sounds unbelievably strong and all three songs that are featured on “Liturgy” are great.
Of course you need to know that I’m an addict to Swedish death metal and I’ll never let myself complain and moan on this style of music. But I hope that I am enough objective to distinguish killer band from useless crap. Uncanny came back after many years of hiatus (and I still love their old recordings, especially “Splenium for Nyktophobia” from 1994) and they still have that something exceptional what makes their music so damn killer. Norrman comes up with godly riffs, I love the aggression of his music, as well as melodies and great guitar leads. The music on “Liturgy” sounds harsh and aggressive, but it also has a good atmosphere and feeling. I prefer faster songs like “Liturgy” and “Spiritual Death”, which are killer tunes filled with great riffage and everything we love about this style of music. “The Reaping” is a song I like a bit less, as it’s slower and maybe kind of boring after a while… but I don’t mind. All in all I find this EP as extremely good and I’m happy to hear Uncanny back again.
It’s 2am, I had few shots of vodka, I played this EP several times and really enjoyed it all together. Time to release it now on vinyl and bring more of that goodness later on!

Final rate: 70/100

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