Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sarastus - II - Toinen tuleminen

SARASTUS - II - Toinen tuleminen (WOLFSPELL Records CD 2016)
Sarastus is another Finnish black metal band in the Wolfspell Records roster. And it’s yet another project, whose music I liked and which I have a pleasure to recommend with all honesty. Previously to this CD Sarastus released only “Demo I”, so “II - Toinen tuleminen” is like their first proper release. It’s not bad then for a debut album, I have to admit!
But in the beginning I wasn’t so much convinced. First time I played “II - Toinen tuleminen” I was not impressed at all and felt like Sarastus is one of these dull and totally forgettable black metal bands, which bring nothing interesting to the genre and all they do is making you sleepy and bored. But after few spins I started to like “II - Toinen tuleminen” more. I realized that even though Sarastus music is not something what will bring them popularity (all in all they’re not from hyped country like Iceland haha), it’s solid and good enough to interest every black metal maniac. Their music sounds insanely Finnish. Mainly because the lyrics are written in Finnish – and harsh, aggressive vocals sang in Finnish have a very specific sound, which you can immediately recognize. You don’t even have to check Metal Archives to guess that this is a band from Finland, so unique and different from the usual English or even Norwegian are the Finnish lyrics in black metal bands. But the music also reminds me about Finnish bands, such as Azaghal, so it all fits perfectly.
“II - Toinen tuleminen” really stands out from the mediocrity, because the album contains some great riffs and the overall songwriting is very good. I like the ferocious, vicious feeling of these songs, I like its aggression and fast parts. I also like how that harsh, violent and fast black metal riffs are mixed with melodies, especially because they’re never done in a way, which would make Sarastus music sound weak and too soft. The production is also relatively clean and polished, but it fits the music very well and so everything sounds just as it should be. And even if “II - Toinen tuleminen” is not the best black metal of this year, it’s good enough to have a recommendation. Check it out then.

Final rate: 65/100

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