Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Paganizer - Divine Rapture

PAGANIZER - Divine Rapture (XTREEM Music CD 2004)
I just finished my review of “Murder Death Kill”, and few months ago I also did reviews for albums such as “Dead Unburied”. I like these albums a lot, Paganizer is really fantastic band, even if not all their releases were fantastic. Some, like their split CD with Depression, are a bit useless, but majority of Paganizer stuff is superb. And I don’t know if there’s anything else that I can write about them what was not written so far, but this fourth album of the Swedish commando of death called “Divine Rapture” is surely as great as their earlier works.
Stylistically “Divine Rapture” is a natural follower of its predecessors. So, it is chunky, heavy and fuckin powerful death metal done in the Swedish vein, of bands like Grave, Unleashed and Vomitory. And if you didn’t like what this band was doing before, then the chances that you will like “Divine Rapture” are slim. Damn, this album was released back in 2004 and was  a fifth full length which Paganizer released in five years. At that time their music was getting better and better and in my opinion this is probably the best album that Rogga Johansson has released under this logo.
This album is just super awesome and I love its atmosphere, its energy and powerful attitude. When you will play it, get ready to be injured, as this music always leaves a terrible neck ache. From start to finish you will hear a bunch of killer songs. They’re unoriginal and predictable? Who cares? Because as long as this stuff evokes the feeling of bulldozer crushing your body, then it all sounds exactly as it should and I have no problems with it. And yeah, this are 35 minutes of pure death metal massacre. These songs are brutal, fast and vicious. But they’re also sometimes groovy and sometimes even a bit slower, so within its own niche Paganizer did everything to make sure that their album is top notch from start to finish. Personally I love such songs like the title track (sooooo fffuuckiin ffaaasstttt, sooo killleeerrr!!!!!), “Way of the Rotting”, “Nailed forever” or “On your Knees”. The rest is also great, each song is killer, so…
Believe me, this album will crush and grind over you with great passion and without any mercy.
Standout tracks: “Divine Rapture”, “Way of the Rotting”, “Nailed forever” or “On your Knees”

Final rate: 80/100

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