Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Coffin Lust - Beyond the Dark

COFFIN LUST - Beyond the Dark (SARLACC - demo MC 2012)
Listening of the killer debut album “Manifestation of Inner Darkness” forced me to take Coffin Lust’s demo “Beyond the Dark” and give it a listen also. I remember Putrid Matt recommended me this demo some years ago and I managed to find a copy quickly. And loved it immediately. This was also why I wanted to hear Coffin Lust album – but it took them four long years to complete it. Anyway, I almost forgot how killer “Beyond the Dark” is, until I played it again this morning. I wanted to give it one or two listens but ended up playing this tape ten or even more times, so fuckin good it is and always infecting me with its obscure, impious sound.
This demo is a complete massacre. From start to finish, it attacks with some truly killer songs and leaves only ashes behind. Now, when I know “Manifestation of Inner Darkness” also, I have to say that this demo has slightly more European oriented style, it can remind you some cults from Sweden (Nihilist, Entombed, Dissection demos), Holland (Asphyx), Germany (Morgoth), Finland (Demigod) and so on. I love the riffs here, the feeling this music has and the atmosphere it awakes. For me this is perfectly presented old school death metal worship in its most preferred style; bloody vicious, aggressive and simply killer shit. And “Forsaken” is surely the best song, as it just sounds like taken from the Swedish catacombs, with that fuckin killer melody and horror aura. “Fading Life” is another my favourite slab of filth. But damn, all four songs are killer.
After numerous listens of both demo and the album I got to conclusion that I like “Beyond the Dark” over “Manifestation of Inner Darkness”. Both recordings are amazing, but the demo is just brilliant. But let’s cut this crap. Totally recommended band, believe me, one of the best since Repugnant’s spawn of malevolence!
Standout track: “Forsaken”, “Fading Life”

Final rate: 90/100

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