Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Demored - Absolution Through Dissolution

DEMORED - Absolution Through Dissolution (NECKBREAKER Records CD 2016)
Neckbreaker Records is a new record label from Germania, and it starts with their first release (putted out in cooperation with excellent Raw Skull Rekodz from Holland). I suppose that such name for a label obligate you to expect only "neck breaking" kind of bands haha. NBR001 presents us Demored, a young band from Braunschweig. They did one EP before (it was limited to 100 copies only, so I have not heard it... yet) and "Absolution Through Dissolution" is their first full length. Did it break my neck? Maybe not brutally, but I surely did feel an ache after playing this shit loud.
First thing, which I noticed about this album is its short length, with slightly under 30 minutes of music in offer. Well, if the idea was not to waste time, but bring everything you have the best, then it's good idea. Besides, many legendary albums were also so short, but they sounded so fuckin powerful and aggressive due to that. Well, Demored music is not that type of death metal, which would mercilessly want to cut you into pieces and cause only bloodshed and devastation. It's more like a mid paced, slightly melodic and tempered stuff, which has more to offer than sheer brutality. And it's OK, I guess, "Absolution Through Dissolution" shows that there's a lot of potential in Demored and this band managed to come up with some great stuff. But I wasn't impressed by the entire album. Somehow I found some of its slower parts as a bit boring, to be honest. Or maybe not boring, but I just missed something there. I'm not even sure how should I describe my feeling, but maybe it's that lack of really powerful and crushing sound? Yes, I guess so. "Absolution Through Dissolution" sounds sometimes too gentle (in songs like “Abiosis”). The band has great riffs and ideas, but sometimes they sound like they were afraid to unleash all their fury and aggression. Or maybe it’s a matter of the pace? So, definitely this album could have been better with more massive and heavy production.
Don't walk away yet though, because I do think that "Absolution Through Dissolution" is a solid debut and a nice beginning for new band. Demored style is not quite as common, I think, because you cannot compare their music to just one or two bands, one or two death metal scenes. Sometimes they sound more American, other time it's more European. Sometimes their stuff is a bit technical, other time it's simpler and more straight forward, slower or faster... but always in the traditional, old school way. I definitely like “Rotting” the most – it’s fast, aggressive and there’s nothing dull about this track. Also “Rest In Pieces” or “Absolution” are great.
All in all Demored shows us six tracks here (their seventh song is an acoustic instrumental piece, so this one doesn’t count) and it’s just as solid as it should be. I cannot say that I am fully impressed, but I will keep my eyes open and will check their future stuff to see if they’re get better or not. It’s worth to say that it’s another German death metal band that needs your attention. I think that Germania became one of my favourite scenes in Europe at the moment, which is good!
Standout tracks: “Rotting”, “Rest In Pieces”

Final rate: 70/100

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