Monday, 4 January 2016

Coffin Creep - Howls from the Graveyard

COFFIN CREEP - Howls from the Graveyard (Sound of Records - MC 2015)
I’ve found this cassette in Till You Fukkin Bleed distro and bought it without hesitation. You know, the band is from Sweden, plays old school death metal… this sounds like something I wanna check right now haha! So, Coffin Creep second demo “Howls from the Graveyard” is here. It’s been released on Sound of Records, with just 100 copies made, so I can call myself a lucky to have a copy.
You’ll find here four tracks plus a cover and well… I have to say that this is another really fine young death metal band in the underground. I don’t want you to think it’s sensational, outstanding piece of music, because it’s not. Coffin Creep is as typical and unoriginal as many other old school death bands these days, but they’re more solid and interesting than most of them. Right from the first song they hit hard with great, massive heavy riffage, “Puking Necrophilia” is damn good opener that should cause your ears bleed after the massacring sounds get there. “Pyre at the Graveyard” is also very nice and yes, they do have some troubles with their sick necrophiliac interests haha (“Why did you dig out my wife? Coz I wanna fuck her” hahahaha!). What I like is that Coffin Creep doesn’t focus just on one type of rhythm or riffage, but their music is quite varied, even if fully oriented on heavy death metal shit. There are some slow, crushing parts, some faster pieces and generally if you think of Grave, Vomitory, Torture Division, Bloodbath and this sort of bands, then you should know what Coffin Creep music is like. Damn good stuff, in my opinion and very enjoyable demo, which is finished with a well done Bloodbath cover. Recommended.
Standout track: “Puking Necrophilia”

Final rate: 75/100

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