Monday, 11 January 2016

Coffins / Butcher ABC Split EP

An alliance between two Japanese crews – Coffins and Butcher ABC, this is what this 7”EP is all about. Usually I’m not much into Japanese scene, but there are very few exceptions, like Anatomia and Coffins. And this is why I bought this EP, as Coffins are just really cool band to listen to, so why not adding a nice split to the collection? Yes!
Coffins play this Neanderthal death metal that most of you will find as too sludgy, too filthy, too noisy and not entertaining enough. They don’t show off with ultra technical riffage or drumming, the music is simple doomy death stuff, the vocals are just disgusting and the overall aura is rather creepy and it stinks like some putrid shit mixed with vomit. But of corpse Coffins have their fans and people, who dig their stuff a lot. I also like some of their albums, that similarity to bands like Autopsy, Anatomia, Cianide, Repulsion and so on is undisputable and much welcomed. “Reborn Pt.2” is maybe not the most exiting song I’ve ever heard from them, but it’s fun to listen to and surely a solid and worthy slab of filth. I’m surely not disappointed with those Japanese sickos!
Side B is Butcher ABC, who I only know from their split CD with General Surgery. Well, maybe it’s time to catch up with them and get some more stuff, even though they still didn’t come up with a full length album, but only with a bunch of splits and EPs… but damn, “House of Meats” is killer song, I like it even more than Coffins’ track. They play a fantastic style of old school death metal mixed with some grind core, there’s a small Swedish influence (General Surgery, Unleashed, etc), plus the fuckin Autopsy again or whatever, who cares?!… “House of Meats” is so sweet, heavy and obscure, the riffs are excellent (sometimes doomy, sometimes death metal or grinding, sometimes punk), performance is awesome… all about this song is just great, I like it fully, also the production, which is raw, but so proper for this sort of music. So, Butcher ABC wins on this split, but both Japanese bands are really recommended.

Final rate: 75/100

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