Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Kult Mogił - Demo 2015

KULT MOGIŁ - Demo 2015 (Self release)
This is new and quite mysterious project, here on the Polish soil, as they only just released their debut demo, but the names of personas behind Kult Mogił are unknown. But I guess it doesn’t need Sherlock Holmes to guess, who may – or may not??? haha – stand behind it, knowing it’s from city Tarnów. And also seeing the way this demo CD was released reminds me something I got from Tarnów several times before (design, etc, are similar to some other CDs I got from this city). Anyway, the band wants to be anonymous, so let’s keep it this way haha! And their name is Kult Mogił. Find out yourself, what it means, OK? And also, take a look on the killer nicks these guys took for this project haha! Awesome and good sense of humour. Anyway, the music is all serious, it’s not a joke band, but fantastic gloomy death / black metal stuff, which really caught my attention immediately. Damn, this is just killer debut release.
This debut demo of Kult Mogił contains three anthems of morbid, eerie, obscure death / black metal… This is quite specific and also unique music, I think, as you cannot compare it just to one band and more so, the atmosphere, some arrangements, riffs and even vocals do not sound like your typical death or black metal bands. And that’s something what you can also find as characteristic for some other bands from Tarnów (for TT especially haha!), so it’s like fingerprints – you’ll always find who it is ha! So, imagine then this unique, more black metal, way of playing and arranging the songs, with awesome ghoulish vocals blended with more obscure take on death metal, which has started to lurk from the catacombs with more and more powerful results. I suppose you can think of such bands as Grave Miasma, Malthusian, Doombringer, Portal, Sheol, Abyssal and so on… Maybe they don’t play exactly the same music as Kult Mogił, but some similarities are obvious and the atmosphere is similar. Anyway, I love how Kult Mogił builds the aura in their songs, which is eerie, so damn dark… The band doesn’t rush themselves, so the songs are carefully arranged with a nice diversity of tempos – from very slow and doomy to neck breaking fast and the whole music has almost this hypnotizing influence. And most importantly, I just love the riffs, ideas (like that ending bit of “Brief Life, Eternal Glory”), the heaviness and powerful sound. Damn, I only speak in positive words about “Demo 2015” and trust me or not, but I find this music close to flawless stuff. It’s almost a shame there are only three songs here, no more! But we’ll hear more from this band in the future, I am sure!
Standout track: “Brief Life, Eternal Glory”

Final rate: 90/100

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