Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Dead Goats - Don't Go in the Tomb

THE DEAD GOATS - Don't Go in the Tomb (ARACHNOPHOBIA - EP 2015)
Damn, is it just me or you also feel like there’s so much fuckin killer music these days, more than ever before? Basically each week I am blown away by another band, by another album, demo or EP and I just keep devouring them like crazy. It has also negative aspects – it’s almost like jumping from one recording to another and not really being able to come back to some of them as soon as you would wish… But that’s awesome anyway. I love to have a headache because of so many killer musical efforts, rather than moan that there’s nothing interesting anymore. Anyways, I only just finished listening / reviewing the excellent debut release from Departed Souls and here’s another so killer slab of old school death metal, this time from Poland… and from a band, which I collect like crazy, as they never disappointed so far and delivered only goods. This is The Dead Goats and their newest release, “Don't Go in the Tomb” EP. First off, let me tell you that the packaging for this EP is simply awesome. Nice digipack CD, a patch and awesome fold out booklet, of the size of small poster with all those photographs, etc. Yeah, it does look nice. Killer artwork, as well!
But music… damn, it’s just unbelievably good. Only three songs, one of which is Repulsion cover, but such a great dose of powerful energy, ferocious sounds and stinky, rotten aura. What I like about The Dead Goats music is that their take on the old school death metal is slightly different, even if still quite deeply rooted in the Swedish style. But it’s slightly similar to such Bombs of Hades, what means a lot of crust, punk, even hard core influence aside to the rotten death metal. This music is very noisy, dirty, awfully aggressive and almost completely derived of hooks / melodies, etc haha! But damn, this time around The Dead Goats offer totally fast and vicious songs, especially that Repulsion cover grinds like crazy. But there’re also some amazing slow bits, like the opening fragment of the title track… so, the music on this EP has almost everything, maybe only the dose of melodic themes is very limited, which is not a problem for me, really. The band sounds like no one was able to stop them, so aggressive they are. And the riffing is just great. No more words are needed as this EP is very short… Only 11 minutes of music, but what a joy for me. Damn, again The Dead Goats did their job so damn well. Time for a full length album now!

Final rate: 80/100

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