Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Concatenatus - Meditation Through the Inner Vortex

CONCATENATUS - Meditation Through the Inner Vortex (self released demo 2015)
This band comes from Chile and I got to know them, as the line up consists Alfredo, a’ka Sulphur, who I know from his work with another band, called Siaskel. Concatenatus is his newly formed project, which he made with another guy, Balrog, and here is the first demo, which these two men have recorded, titled “Meditation Through the Inner Vortex”. Limited to 200 copies, it is released on CDR, but with nice, printed booklet… and I don’t really require more from a demo recording. It looks good, more so, it also sounds good, so I must say that Concatenatus turned out to be a nice debut.
Two songs plus an intro, with 16 minutes of music, may not be enough to please everyone, as I bet that some of you will want to hear more, after listening to these sounds, but I guess it’s better this way and leave you hungry for more than overdo with too much music at once. “Meditation Through the Inner Vortex” is really fine and solid piece of harsh, obscure and very doomy take on black metal. Concatenatus performs their music in slow tempos, the riffage is also rather simple, while the vocals make an impression of being truly possessed and agonizing, what fits the whole music and its aura perfectly. Because the whole music sounds just sick and insane! It may have a small depressive, suicidal feeling, surely the whole has a negative emotion and almost a ritualistic aura, especially near the end of the second song “Echoing Cacophony”, where those awesome clean vocals sound and make great, eerie atmosphere. Musically “Meditation Through the Inner Vortex” is not much complex, but it’s surely not primitive (the info sheet mentions such bands as Beatrik and Urfaust as the influences… I am not gonna argue here haha), etc, but the band makes up that simplicity for the great arrangements and capability of creating that aura I already mentioned, so in the end it’s a very good listen and I definitely enjoyed this demo a lot. So, I am surely among those people, who will say that they would like to hear more than just two songs. Hopefully then Concatenatus will hit us with another material sooner than later. But this one is already recommended.
Standout track: “Echoing Cacophony”

Final rate: 80/100

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