Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Concatenation - Empty State of Humanity

CONCATENATION - Empty State of Humanity (Self released CD 2015)
Damn, I don’t know why, but I can’t memorize the name of this band haha! Concatenation they’re called and hail from Płock, Poland – and the line up consists members of some other bands from Płock, which I know also (and I mean such names as Parh, Mort Douce and The Thorn). “Empty State of Humanity” is a second demo of Concatenation (although the band calls it EP… hmm, whatever) and since I had no chance to hear the first material (“Grinding My Soul” from 2013), I also had no idea what should I expect. And to be honest, I can’t say I like this music much… I can admit it is solid and decent effort, but it’s just not my cup of beer at all. So, I had listened to it several times, with no great excitement though, but more with the “reviewer obligation” point.
I’m just not a fan of such style of riffing, rhythms, arrangements, vocals’ sound… Some may call it thrash / death and I won’t argue with it, but it’s not my kind of thrash / death. It sounds too modern for me, some may even add the “core” adjective to it… And I just can’t say I feel interest in such bands. I have never been a fan of The Haunted, Carnal Forge, even The Crown. And Concatenation is quite close to them, I guess. And to be fair to the band, I can say that they surely have a decency to perform some nice riffs, surely are good technically and more so, the demo has a proper production. I even like one or two pieces here, some riffs and ideas... but again, I’m just far from becoming a fan. I suppose “Rise and Fall” is the song I like the most, but all four are rather in similar vein and quality. So… a name to remember to those, who like those big bands I mentioned before… Maniacs of more obscure or brutal stuff can skip this demo easily.
Standout track: “Rise and Fall”

Final rate: 65/100

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