Sunday, 30 November 2014

Disinterred - Incantation

DISINTERRED - Incantation (DOLOREM Records - CD 2014)
Not so long ago I was demolished with couple of demos, which I have purchased from newly formed Dolorem Records from France. They both were demos of band called Torturerama, which I seriously recommend to all fanatics of classical Swedish styled death metal. And now I have another new release from Dolorem, which I like a lot also! And just as Torturerama, which is from Belgium, Disinterred is also from this country. And another resemblance between both acts would definitely be the music, since Disinterred can also be described as a band, which has been deadly infected by the Swedish virus. And I can again repeat what I have written before: “who cares if it is a Belgian band that plays like old Swedish band, when their music is so damn awesome??”!!! Yes, I don’t give a flying fuck about that whole dispute in which people try to question sense of the existence of such bands. Why would I bother myself with such nonsense when “Incantation” demo reeks with this vile and disgusting stench of old Scandinavian crypts?
“Incantation” brings us five tracks. They’re embraced in great harsh and stinky production straight from Disinterred’s rehearsal room, which is just excellent and fits this music perfectly. It sounds like classic old demos! Surely you’ll love the characteristic guitar tone and great growling of Sven Poets. You’ll love also how Disinterred combines the aggressive tunes with some more melodic stuff, so something what we all deeply love about the Swedish take on the death metal. No originality is needed, if these tunes crush so damn effectively. And despite not being able to bring anything truly exceptional and remarkable to the genre, which is so overcrowded nowadays, I am still very pleased with this demo and surely my verdict can be only one: “if you like such kind of death metal madness played in the Swedish vein, with such newer bands like Entrails and Puteraeon, then these Belgian fanatics are here for you!”. So, listen to these four songs… and a live bonus recording, which is here also! It is impressive as well, because this almost 30 minutes long live devastation sounds also not bad at all and is able to bring the energy and vitality of live performance very well.
So… Yes, very good stuff. This CD is limited to just 100 copies, so make sure you get a copy before they’re all gone! I am surely try to find some more Disinterred stuff now!
Standout track: “Sacrifice”, “The Promise”

Final rate: 80/100

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