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Decayed - Ten Years of Steel

DECAYED - Ten Years of Steel (HIBERICA - CD 2001)
Portuguese metal scene never belonged to my favourites, but there are couple of bands which I like. And Decayed is surely among them, even though I know only very few recordings from their very vast discography (a discography which surely can be compared to those of bands like Nunslaughter, Sabbat or Throneum). One of these releases, which I have is this killer live album titled “Ten Years of Steel”, which was releases some years ago by Hiberica Records, as a limited to 1000 copies digipack. And well… because I  know that Decayed is rather little known band and I always like to recommend my readers such unknown black jewels and their older recordings, so here I am going to write few words about “Ten Years of Steel”.
And it really will be just couple of words, as such live album doesn’t require a long introduction or indepth description. Such would simply not match to this straight forward, relentless, primitive and primeval, archaic black / thrash metal horde. This is simply an obscure and totally old school take on this music, deeply influenced by all the classic heroes, starting with Venom and Bathory (especially the early Bathory I must say!), as well as early Celtic Frost, Sodom, Samael, Bulldozer and… hold on! No, I am not gonna make this list longer. No point. We all know and remember the old heroes. You must mainly remember the first three Bathory classic LPs and that’s it. Decayed’s music is simply great. Very powerful, with crazy, memorable, aggressive riffs, absolutely perfect for the headbanging… There’s harsh, raw vocal, there’s dark, satanic atmosphere. Yes! And “Ten Years of Steel” is a live album. And sometimes such small underground live albums have only a doubtful sound quality. In this case I must say that even the biggest complainers will be satisfied, because this album sounds really awesome. Sure, it is raw and very unpolished production! It is nothing like those new, modern live albums, which you don’t know if were recorded in the studio or in live area. “Ten Years of Steel” is simple, harsh live recording, but has great audible riffs, drums and vocals. Everything sounds perfectly for such kind of obscure music and more importantly, the atmosphere on this gig was simply astonishing. It’s hell of a crazy show, brilliant underground performance, very well played songs, awesome interaction between the frontman and the crowd… and some truly killer songs like “Fuck Your God!” or “Sacrificial Rites” and more. There are 13 live songs, including a nice cover medley. Brilliant show.
And as a bonus we get three studio songs, from the Corpus Christii split, originally released in 2000. Surely a nice addition to already a nice live album. I like such recordings, because they let you feel the powerful atmosphere of the gig, the small venue and smell of sweat and blood, the whole intensity and rawness of live performance… Simply, this is how an underground live recording should sound like.
Standout tracks: “Fuck Your God!”, “Rise at Dusk”, “Thy Summoning”

Final rate: 75/100

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