Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Incinerator - Human Garbage

INCINERATOR - Human Garbage (WOLFSBANE Records - 7"EP 2014)
2014 brought us many awesome discoveries, when speaking of underground death metal. And just recently I made one more, thanks to a friend of mine, dear Raymond (hehe!). The band is called Incinerator and is Dutch. That’s pretty much all I know about them, as there’s no photo and the band members’ names are completely unfamiliar to me. Oh, I know also that they first did a digital EP in 2013 and in 2014 basically the same songs were released again (I don’t know though if they’re new versions or what), first on tape (100 copies) and later on 7” vinyl (400 copies, through Wolfsbane Records) under the title “Human Garbage”. The whole artwork is all in red, so naturally the vinyl is also red… but the music is sweeeeet! So sweeeet!!!!
This is yet another old styled, or should I say traditional death metal band. Stylistically I think Incinerator is close to early Asphyx, Swazafix or Pestilence (from “Consuming Impulse” era mainly!). There’s similar aggression, atmosphere… similar feeling within these riffs and also vocals, which are like early van Drunen and Loomans. Four songs are on “Human Garbage” and they are excellent. I love basically everything about them. The production is perfect for such music, the songs are maybe not innovative or they won’t surprise you with some spectacular technical aspects, but the riffs are massive, brutal, sick and keep the obscure, morbid atmosphere of the old death metal recordings. First song called “Slaughter” is exactly what the title means… pure fuckin massacre, absolutely phenomenal piece, best song for sure!!! I just played it so loud and banged the skull like crazy, what a wonderful song!!!!! “Morbid Lust” – also killer! Then on side B we have a title song, which is maybe too short to make a stronger impact, but it is a smasher anyway and finally there’s “Feed the Soul”… again, pure fuckin slaughter with truly amazing guitar solo. No more words. Killer debut 7”EP. Killer band. Remember this name.

Final rate: 80/100

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