Sunday, 30 November 2014

Horror of Naatu - No Hope for No One

HORROR OF NAATU - No Hope for No One (Self released demo CD 2014)
This band came just out of nowhere, suddenly striking with their debut demo. And I was caught in the chaos immediately, I admit that! Horror of Naatu is blasting from Cracow, Poland and it’s a new band formed with August, drummer of such bands as Stillborn, Genius Ultor and Deception, in the line up. He’s handling the drums and the rest of the instruments as well as the vocals are all performed by Hunger, who I am not familiar with I think (!), but who recently joined also Stillborn on bass. Anyway, this duo has just debuted with “No Hope for No One” demo. And I must say that I quite liked it.
I guess the only thing which we can say against Horror of Naatu and their debut recording is that in many ways this is rather typical and almost well familiar, maybe also kind of mediocre death metal. But when every time I say something like that then I also mention that originality has never been a factor of major importance for me, so I am not bothered whether Horror of Naatu sounds innovative or not. More important is if the music kills or not. In case of “No Hope for No One” I can say that it surely is a decent and solid debut demo, but maybe not something what would really break all my bones and make the unstoppable ear bleed. But it is good stuff. A nice production, with heavy, more than a decent sound and some nice, impressive riffs, with tempos mainly fast and blasting like crazy… but there are also songs like “Passus”, which are concentrated on slower motives and more so, here and there Horror of Naatu also uses some more melodic accents. All in all,  “No Hope for No One” delivers a solid and worthy dose of death metal. Nothing majorly unforgettable, nothing what will complete to be the best debut of the year, but good enough to enjoy these cold, winter mornings. I’ve listened to it several times and surely will give more listens later.

Final rate: 69/100

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