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ColdBlood interview

Here is a great death metal from Brasilia, which crushed my bones with some excellent music on their “Chronology of Satanic Events” album. I got instantly impressed and enjoyed that CD fully. So, I did not think twice but asked MKult about interview. Which is here… and well, maybe I am not so fully happy with some short answers, but at least I can once more recommend ColdBlood! Great band, I tell ya... So, don’t hesitate to support them.
Well, well...Yet another killer Brazilian band! The scene in your country is so damn strong, with so many great bands, but I must say that many of them seem to be criminally underrated. It feels like people mainly know about shitty Sepultura and Krisiun, but the other, more underground bands are often forgotten and don’t get enough support. What is your view on that?
MKult - I believe that through much work, if you are always releasing records and touring, and above all have a good material to present, surely you will have more chances, more exposure in media. Obviously, with Sepultura and Krisiun it was more than that. Sepultura was a world first at the time and Krisiun rescued and placed the extreme metal on another level, wordly talking. But here in Brazil we have other Brazilian bands that are less known, but have more than one work at the highest level leaving not any band out. Perhaps the fact that our cultural reality is less valued than others, impede the bands pursue a more stable career.

Which Brazilian bands from today’s scene you think are the best? Which would you really recommend to me? Also, what about the fanzines? I, for example, like such Escarnium, Impetuous Rage and Poisonous a lot! I can see that most of the Brazilian / South American bands are extreme, violent, very obscure, hailing the old styles… How would you explain that? Is it because of the life conditions there in South America?
MKult - I believe that yes, because I live in that reality with Coldblood. In Latin America it is more difficult to maintain a metal band and maybe this is reflected in the sound that has a most odious and a brutal approach.

I was very, very surprised seeing that ColdBlood is so old band, while I only got to know you thanks to the recent album “Chronology of Satanic Events”… so, I hope you won’t mind if we talk in this interview also about the past! So, you are a band of the Brazilian second generation, while the first one holds the
bands from the 80’s, from the Cogumelo roster. Tell me how was the scene in Brazil back in the early 90’s, when compared to the 80’s? It feels like in 90’s only just few bands like Krisiun and Rebaelliun managed to get the status of the older crews like Sarcofago, Sepultura and Volcano. I bet that without the internet and such stuff, it was damn hard for Brazilian bands to get the decent promotion in Europe and US! And what about the equipment, was it hard for you to get some good gear back then?
MKult - No doubt things were harder for ColdBlood in the early 90’s. I think what has hurt us the most were the two breaks we had, one in 1993-1999 and another from 2001 to 2004. It was only after 2005 that when we started working with the band without stopping. Obviously the current resources enabled us to have a wider spread, making us the most known band around the world.

The band was formed in early 90’s and even did one demo back in 1992. And then you went quiet for many years, doing a second demo in 2000. What happened during these years? Did Coldblood just split up or there was another reason for taking this break? How would you describe the band from “Terror Stench” demo times? Did you manage to get any recognition with this old demo?
MKult - The uncertainty of a promising future with the band, internal problems, family recovery, drugs... All this led to give pauses from the past. We were very young, at the age around 17 and did not have the focus needed to keep the band alive at that time, a shame. But it is our history and it is important that we are active today and focusing 100% on the band and nothing will stop us, except death. I believe that our new album is one evolved cousin of our first demo. Since both have a morbid and gloomy work.

I have noticed that at some point Coldblood was reformed, but without you in the line up and then the second demo “…and It Comes the Winter” was released. Any thoughts about it?
MKult - Despite being one of the founding members of ColdBlood, I could not be present in this release due to another commitment I had at the time with a band called Nocturnal Worshipper (Black Metal) and also my relationship with the other founding members of ColdBlood was not very good, so I thought I better be on my way and wish them luck. I do not hold grudges for that time. Part of the story.

Finally you came back to ColdBlood for the recording of the third demo “Reincarnating a New Black God”. How did it all happen? Did you already have some influence on the songs from this demo?
MKult - We met to talk about the return of the original formation in early 2005, which was an important event for us, because we had not played together since 1993. We left all the problems of the past aside and raise the glass for return of the band. All songs were made exclusively for this demo, so we all had participation in the compositions, arrangements and ideas with letters.

Alan Silva and Vitor Estevez, who were long time members of Coldblood are no longer playing with you, would you mind explaining the reasons for it? I mean, after so many years of companionship there must have been a strong bond between you, but maybe also got tired of each other.
MKult - Yes, we lived great moments with the original lineup, but we all know that you do not fully live from a band, you need to have other means of earning money and support your family. We are in Brazil and here things are more difficult to live from music, which is almost impossible. Today we are good friends and so they help me with something when we need to. The ColdBlood is a great legion.

Finally a debut album “ Under the Blade I Die” was released. Was this album a collection of demo songs or completely new material? What can you say about it, I mean did you manage to get some recognition with it and feedback from the underground worldwide? How happy are you today with this effort, with the songs and this
recording? Are you also happy with the work of Onslaught Records?
MKult - Exactly, for the "Under The Blade I Die" we re-recorded four songs of the third demo and a second demo, the other five songs were written exclusively for the album. With this album we entered the world circuit and obtained a good response. The album was released in Mexico and Brazil, we did a tour through the dissemination of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and won over fans around the world. I think we did a good campaign. As for Onslaught Records… Much I do not know how they released the material, but we did our part.

Meanwhile “The Other Gods” EP was self released. Why did you come up with the idea to add the demos into this EP? And more so, is this CD still available, as it would be bloody awesome to have it in a collection!
MKult - At the time of this release we were completing 20 years of band, had a new front man and needed to release something new. So we wrote five songs and put the first three demos as a bonus to celebrate this anniversary. That was the idea. I still have some copies, but is already in order.

OK., let’s talk about the new album! The music on “Chronology of Satanic Events” holds a strong influence of bands like Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Immolation, Deicide, Vader… I wonder if you personally would also point these bands as your main inspiration and if so, then which albums of theirs would be your most important? I mean such Morbid Angel has been changing during the years, up to what we have heard on their last, rather disappointing semi-death metal / semi-industrial album, so I wonder also what was your reaction to this material?
MKult - Obviously we were inspired by bands like Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Deicide, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Dissection, Watain, ColdWorld... These are bands that we take seriously and inspire us every moment such is the greatness of their works. About the new Morbid Angel album I can say that is not my favorite but I like some ideas.

As I mentioned, “Chronology of Satanic Events” is the first stuff of ColdBlood, which I got to know, so maybe you can tell me if and how was the band’s sound and style developing through all these years? I may not be talking about “Terror Stench”, as it was recorded in different era, but the releases from the 00’s, especially “Under the Blade I Die” EP. How do you view “Chronology…” songs when compared to the earlier stuff? Usually bands say it is faster, more technical, better written… hehe, so I guess you will say the same he!?
MKult -  In "Under The Blade I Die" have a more direct and offensive album, wrought in the old school American death metal. In "Satanic Chronology Of Events" we have a more enigmatic epic, more morbid and chaotic approach, but the album keeps our roots in the old school.

The title of new album “Chronology of Satanic Events” sounds quite enigmatic, so maybe we can talk about it and the lyrics a little bit. I mean what events are you writing about? Would these lyrics be a real manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs or rather just more fantasy stories, good for death metal, but nothing serious?
MKult - These events are not related to anything as natural disasters, wars and etc. All lyrics deal with personal events of satanic proportions. There is much subjective things in the lyrics because I'm speaking from my own existence,

experiences before receiving the true Gnosis of Lucifer and all rehabilitation a life without spiritual maturity to this transition. There is also a thing that is grounded in my satanic esoteric study when he was most in the beginning.

Is it kind of a conceptual album, actually? And the order of the songs – does it have any importance?
MKult - No, this album both musically and lyrically is a new mould adopted for the Coldblood, just that. Each track follows an order only maintaining a good sense of music.

It is a question what Satan stands for, to you? Would you call yourself a satanist? And then again, there are as many views of satanism as there are the Satanists. Some will preach the La Vey stuff, some will follow something totally different… What would you say?
MKult - Satan is the bane for most (Hylics), but is also the one who guides orphans born of fire. I'm a Satanist, and I consider myself fortunate, as I was chosen and honour this most dedicated and passionate as possible. In the last few years I have studied and accumulated all the knowledge that is in my power on black and traditions that exalt death and destruction as well as everything that is derived from metaphysical evil .Also there ritualistic practice of which is a topic that I have explored in a very respectful and careful manner since this is a very individual nature.

Brazil just like Poland, is strongly catholic country, so I wonder is it difficult to be in opposition to this religion in there? I mean here in my country priests and fanatical believers, including most of politicians, get involved in every matter of daily life, they want to have an influence on politics, schools, events, just everything… And that sometimes leads also to some sporadic but pitiful collaboration with local authorities to cancel metal shows, which they always call black metal, satanic masses hehe! It is funny, but also pisses off totally. How is it in Brazil?
MKult - There is a legion of such worms here but if any cross our path will suffer the consequences.

In your opinion, is death metal something more than just a brutal music with deep, guttural vocals? I mean, does it have to bring also a specific lyrical content, being dark, about death, often antichristian or even satanic? Same goes for the presentation of the band – OK., it doesn’t has to be as strict as with black metal bands, but surely it cannot look like some pussy or hardcore wimps, right? Looking at Coldblood, I guess you’re pretty much following the traditions!
MKult - Thank you. We will always be a traditional death metal band and never follow a market trend for fame or money. We are Metal as an ideology of life and that's why we're all that time in road. We are proud of our history and we will remain active until our bodies hold.

Brazil is holding a world up just now… but I see there’s a lot of controversy in your country, many Brazilians feel like both the World Cup and the Olympics shouldn’t take place
in the country and the huge amount of money spent on these events should rather go on the social stuff, like schools, hospitals, help of the poor… How do you see this, especially as the citizen of Rio? You know, tourists come and go, they will leave some money, but all that is very short lived, soon you’ll be left with dept and problems what to do with all these modern stadiums, most likely, like it is in South Africa now…
MKult - To tell the truth I do not care much about football. I live in another reality and not usually accompany these events. They really spent much money on this and left health and education once again abandoned.

As a Satanist, do you actually care about all these social topics and problems with your country, with the misery, poverty, politics, corruption, or you’re just careless and stay away from all this shit?
MKult - I prefer to stay away from all this shit!

I guess that one of the places in the world, which I would really want to see is the great Amazonia. This place still holds many places in the jungle, where civilised man didn’t walk, and it has also a beautiful, but dangerous nature. But Amazonia suffers, because of what the men do, industrial influence is bad… I wonder if these ecological topics are often a matter of discussion in your country?
MKult - This subject is very controversial here but corruption does not allow move things forward. Justice is very slow and deforestation is increasing. I was flying by these days and I could see all the Amazon zone.

OK., back to music, shall we? You’ve been also a member of several other bands, Mysteriis being the most important I suppose. Can you tell me something more about all these projects like Mysteriis, Nocturnal Worshipper, Psychoneurosis, Darkaro, Castifas, Metano, Syren, Unearthly? Seems like music is a very important aspect of your life, even though you’re already in your 40’s! Would you say that it is the MOST important thing for you, the essence of life? If so, what being a metalhead mean to you, especially as a person, who started listening and playing this music over 20 years ago!
MKult - I have no doubt that I was born for this. My life in the last 22 years is fully geared for this. I went through several bands, was among the main Black metal bands from my town (Mysteriis, Unearthly, Nocturnal Worshipper and Castifas), and has worked with other not less important as Syren, Methane, Darkaro. Also passed by bands like Sodomizer and Hellkommander and currently working with the staff of Diabolic Force, but my main band is Coldblood and always will. As I said before, when you have the metal as well ideology of life you can go further and still while my health permits me to do it.

What would be the next plans for Coldblood? I mean “Chronology of Satanic Events” is a damn strong album, so it surely deserves a good promotion, support and attention of the maniacs. But there’s a strong competition nowadays, many great bands, many great albums… What is your aim, which you want to achieve with this CD?
MKult - Launched the "Satanic Chronology Of Events" in September 2013 and since that we have conducted two tours in Latin America, dozens of interviews in the four corners of the world, we have taken enough out of our material, we won more fans around the world, I believe we are doing a good campaign for this album.

I can see now that Coldblood is only a two piece, with you and Diego Mercadante in the line up. What happened to the rest of the members? Will you stay as a duo or plan to find some replacement forces? I know you’re planning a small tour with Funerus in
Brazil for the next month!
MKult - Our goal is to have a stable line up but until that happens we prefer to hire other musicians to accompany us on tour. The thing has worked so well this time, but we intend to
stabilize the team. The tour with Funerus and Nervo Chaos has been spectacular, we are learning a lot and gaining new fans. We are living our best moment.

Death metal for all these almost 30 years of existence spawned many killer bands, which recorded a lot of killer albums, demos, EPs. I just love to discover some old unknown bands, whose demos are little known and all of a sudden turn out to be pure wonderful pieces. I’m sure you also like to make such awesome discoveries. So, today I would like to recommend you the demo from great British band called Broken Fear who did a killer demo and even better MCD back in the mid 90’s! Please, check them out and tell me your opinion!
MKult – I could listen to this song "Nuclear Factories Function" and referred me to old school. This is the kind of death metal that I enjoy and certainly this is a band to hear more often. Thanks for the tip.

And I guess that would be all! Sorry, if I troubled you with too many questions hehe, but man is a curious being he! Anything you want to say to finish this interview? Take care, man!

MKult - I would like to thank all those who follow our work and you for this interview in this conceptualized zine, it was a pleasure.

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