Thursday, 30 May 2013

Revel in Flesh / Revolting - Within the Morbid Ossuary

REVEL IN FLESH / REVOLTING - Within the Morbid Ossuary (CYCLONE EMPIRE - 7"EP 2012)
Swedish old school death metal… if you’re not bored yet with this music and countless bands, which play it nowadays, please carry on reading, as I have a great pleasure to review one of the coolest singles with this sort of music released in the recent years. And if you feel like you have heard enough of all these Entombed / Dismember / Autopsy, etc worship, then go away and do something else, drink tea with your granny maybe.
Whatever you think of the new wave of old school death metal you just must admit that it brought a number of excellent and truly killer bands and even larger dose of essential recordings. Sure, it also became quite fashionable and spawned a big number of mediocrity, but who would care? I rather prefer to look on the bright side of it, smell the decay with pleasure and not with disgust. But when I buy so many old school death metal releases I usually try to pick up only those most important and promising ones. This split EP, which I’m just going to introduce to you surely belongs to the best pieces of music, which I have heard and equals such awesome splits as Chapel of Disease / Lifeless, Graveyard / Deathevocation, Entrails /Ominous Crucifix, Anatomia / Burial Invocation, etc. This is “Within the Morbid Ossuary” – split 7” of Revel In Flesh and Revolting. I hope that both bands are familiar to you, so I don’t have to introduce them and I hope also that this review will convince you to buy this EP.
Starting with Revel In Flesh… Well, their debut LP “Deathevokation” was surely a solid piece of Swedish sounding death metal, but I guess I moaned a little in my review of it that it isn’t as great as some other similar albums. Well, but if regardless of that moaning of mine “Deathevokation” was rated for 80/100 then this one song from “Within the Morbid Ossuary” deserves for a perfect score. Yeah, I must admit that “Bonecrusher” is just absolutely fuckin excellent track and for sure it is the best song from Revel In Flesh, which I have heard so far. Obviously from the strictly musical point of view it is traditional to the bone piece of obscure, rotten death metal, but the thing is those Germans have picked up and glued together some awesome riffs and melodies, composing a killer, totally memorable and insanely “beautiful” death metal anthem. It is quite slow or mid paced, it doesn’t really move towards the sheer aggression and brutality, but that works fantastically well, as the effect is monumental and epic piece of music, which I worship. Great atmosphere of the music, great feeling and just excellent playing… “Bonecrusher” is a brilliant appetiser before I put my hands on “Manifested Darkness” – which is the second LP from Revel In Flesh. I hope to get a real death metal feast and something even better than the debut album!
And Revolting - with four full length LPs behind their belt and with the maestro Rogga Johansson in the line up - also doesn’t require a long and informative introduction; you just must have some of their albums, otherwise you must be a fan of that Korean jumpin’ music. Fuck, Revolting is a band all about gore, slashers, horror and murders. But these two songs from this EP surprised me a bit, as(s) they both sound unexpectedly melodic and harmonious, more than what you may know from the filthy and obscure pieces of decay, which they released before. Especially “The Spawning” made me raise my eyebrows. It sounds really surprising, so does “Operation Razorteeth” really, both reminding me Edge of Sanity a bit, with that quite weird atmosphere, but “The Spawning” (which is an instrumental song) is more experimental, almost like Furbowl! Anyway, even if I prefer “Bonecrusher” over these couple of songs, I still must admit that once more Revolting have proved to be a killer band and surely completes “Within the Morbid Ossuary” in great way…
And yeah, I guess I should write now how much I recommend you this 7”EP. Well, of course I do. There are so many positives about it… Killer music… Absolutely fuckin awesome piece of art from Juanjo Castellano in the front (it is one of his best works, in my opinion!!!!!!!)… Finally for 7” this split is quite long – Revel In Flesh’s song is seven minutes long and the whole is about 13 minutes long, which is not bad at all for a seven inch single. Damn, get it right now!
Final rate: 90/100

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