Thursday, 16 May 2013

Deathstorm - Nechesh

DEATHSTORM - Nechesh (WM PSYCHO - CD 2013)
Polish death metal… Fuck yeah, I like it a lot. And I am not saying this because I’m Polish and want to be patriotic… fuck patriotism… I write this just because this shitty country had spawned a great number of killer death metal bands and it keep doing so, increasing the antichristian partisans to a bigger and bigger number. It’s a shame that many of these hordes (AZARATH!!!) still don’t get the deserved attention as much as some bands from Sweden or USA, but that’s another story… Anyway, here I have a pleasure to introduce you to another great Polish death metal band; one, which I honestly didn’t know about, until the very last month, when I saw the advertisement of their debut full length CD somewhere in my e-mail box… Their name is Deathstorm and this is their debut CD “Nechesh”. Supposedly the band released one demo before this album, called “Storm of Death” back in 2010, but I have never heard about it, so the impression is even bigger, if I hear so well arranged, played and recorded death metal. Certainly those guys don’t sound like newcomers… and they’re not, as they’re also members of some other Polish bands, but none of these bands is really a high profile and well know act, so the impression is really huge here.
I personally see Deathstorm as the quintessence of the Polish death metal. Think of such bands as Trauma, early Hate, Vader, Betrayer, Armagedon, Hellspawn… add to this a lot of the old school US death metal, maybe also a small dose of Sinister and here it is: “Nechesh”!!! Obviously to some of you Deathstorm will not be anything special and you would consider them to be too unoriginal – but personally I just don’t give a damn… This band is just good at what they do, they blast like crazy, nail the listener down with some killer riffs and generally great, brutal atmosphere of the music… and this is death metal, what else can you expect, especially as the music is so well played and so well recorded? I like “Nechesh” a lot. This music is so possessing, so energetic, blasting with ferocity, but at the same time there are so many killer, almost catchy and memorable riffs… Perfect.
I mentioned that the music is almost catchy and memorable, and that is definitely truth. I mean, the music of Deathstorm is not too technical, but also isn’t too simple... it is just classic death metal riffing, played in the proper way, with some catchy moments, which will instantly invite you to bang your head like crazy maniac, especially when Deathstorm blasts like madmen. No mercy, no forgiveness, no taking the prisoners – just pure energy and the slaughter on the ears and the mind of the listener. I already feel a neck ache, but I still want to listen to “Nechesh”! I like the fact that each song can stand on its own and be a good representative for the whole album and at the same time each one of them offers something exceptional. But obviously I have my favourites, like “Victims of Mental Enslavement”, “He, Who Bears the Light”, “Cross, the Inverted Symbolism” (Morbid Angel?!!)… “NChSh” is another killer song, one which differs a little from the rest, as not only it lasts for eight minutes, but also has been played in slower and more massive way, with some great, more harmonious leads, etc. The whole album is sort of half and half: some songs are faster, while some other are more mid paced or slower, what obviously gives a very good result, as the music definitely is not monotonous and is nicely diverse. Finally the artwork for “Nechesh” is really, really good… what else can someone require? Oh, maybe a damn low price? Here we go; WM Psycho releases are really cheap, cost around 5 euros, so I cannot imagine more reasons for you if you’re looking for killer death metal and still hesitate to get this Deathstorm album.
Standout tracks: “He, Who Bears the Light”, “Victims of Mental Enslavement”, “NChSh”, “Cross, the Inverted Symbolism”
Final rate: 80/100

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