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Throneum - Bestial Antihuman Evil

THRONEUM - Bestial Antihuman Evil (WORSHIP HIM - LP 2004)
Throneum is one of the most specific death metal bands from the nowadays scene and I think I can say that from the very beginnings those Poles had their own identity and play music, which is more original than 99% of the rest of old school death metal bands. This originality comes from many aspects: from the specific, usually quite messy and chaotic production of their albums, the intense and usually damn fast and uncompromising style of playing, finally also from Tom’s necro voice – he just sounds like possessed – and so all these things make Throneum music original and I guess it also makes them as one of those “love it or hate it” kind of bands… not everyone can stand the pure, relentless force, chaos and bestiality of those sounds and not everyone is able to truly dig it. But I can promise you that once you get used to it, then you’ll enjoy it totally and it will just blow your head off. Nowadays Throneum has a decent number of full length albums, but their catalogue is also filled with a huge number of shorter releases: EPs, spits, MLPs… Damn, I actually used to collect them all, but at some point I resigned as I told myself there’s just too much of it and I stopped buying all those 7”EPs and other such stuff, unless it is really something special. I think I can say that “Bestial Antihuman Evil” belongs to the best and most appreciated of all Throneum releases. This MLP, originally released in 2002 on CD – and in 2004 on LP by Worship Him Records, and this is the version, which I have (later it has also been repressed on digipack by Pagan Records) – truly confirmed the quality of this band’s music and took it a step forward from “Old Death’s Lair” LP… At that time I think the name Throneum has also started to be recognised and appreciated also abroad of Poland.
Musically “Bestial Antihuman Evil” is a recording, which can be described with three words: CHAOS, OBSCURITY, EVILNESS. This death metal is certainly unlike anything else, it doesn’t sounds neither Swedish or American, it also is completely different to most of the Polish death metal bands. Sure, Throneum always confirmed that their main musical influences lay in the 80’s and the early outburst of evil from bands like Sarcofago, Possessed, Beherit, Sodom, Kreator, Bathory, Venom, Asphyx, Hellhammer and so on and on… but even if some parts are clearly resembling some of these bands, the whole music – with all its details, from start to finish – has more individual face. And I’m sure you’ll know what I mean once you’ll listen to “Bestial Antihuman Evil”. The first song from the MLP, “Godless Antihuman Evil”, is a phenomenal example of Throneum’s morbid and insanely bestial death metal. This song is damn fast, relentless like a legion of demons unleashed from hell to create some chaos and bloodshed, but at the same time there’s a nice and memorable sort of chorus part, which will make you scream along with Tom those three words: “Godless Antihuman Evil”!!! The whole MLP is all about violent and aggressive music, with no time to be wasted for useless intros or melodic stuff, and so “Death From Beyond Hell” and “Fuck Me Dead” will blow in your face with nuclear strength. And side B of the vinyl is pretty much the same – cacophonic riffs, aggression and bestiality, totally evil and morbid atmosphere… plus there’s a killer cover of Beherit’s “Dead Inside”, which turns out to be the only slow song from the whole MLP (and also not the most obvious choice for the Beherit cover, even though I must say that I just love this cover, it has been played and arranged brilliantly!). But what a crushing finish it is!
So, whatever you may think of the cruel and raw, almost primitive production of this MLP and whatever you’ll think of the merciless playing of Thronuem, I can assure you that “Bestial Antihuman Evil” is one of their best releases and if you don’t feel convinced by it then don’t waste your time on this band anymore, as none of their releases will convince you either. Personally I like it a lot and stand on the side of the supporters of this killer Polish band.
Standout tracks: “Godless Antihuman Evil”, “Fuck Me Dead”, “Dead Inside”
Final rate: 80/100

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