Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Trond "Trondr Nefas" Bråthen - Hail!

I just discovered some sad news about the decease of another great musician, who left this world too early. Trond "Trondr Nefas" Bråthen from URGEHAL died few days ago, most likely due to stroke or seizure... Hell, what a damn fucked up news these are. I have been a fan of URGEHAL ever since I discovered them around 2000 when someone taped me their Massive Terrestial Strike album and can tell you they truly were one of the best Norwegian bands ever, no doubt! I don't know whether Enzifer will continue without his brother in arms, but I will play those URGEHAL vinyl pieces, which I've got to honour the great musician. Hail Nefas!
I wonder also whether the movie, which Nefas was working on -
"A Black Metal Year In Norway" - will ever be finished. If so, it will be the best way to honour him. See the official trailer of "A Black Metal Year In Norway" here:

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