Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Embrional - Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours

EMBRIONAL -  Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours (OLD TEMPLE - CD 2012)
It’s not gonna be an exaggeration if I say that I’ve been waiting for years for this album to come! Yeah, I’m a fan of Embrional’s music ever since I got their first demo “Cusp of Evil” in 2006 and since then I’ve been trying to support the band as much as I could and been watching them, waiting for more recordings. The “Annihilation” demo 2007 was a cruel death metal massacre and then the split with Empheris was just awesome, but I was hungry for more and at the same time I was quite disappointed that such a killer band does not get as much recognition as they truly deserve! I mean, how many maniacs from outside of Poland know about Embrional at all? And the years were passing by and there was no sign of a full length album from the band! I already started to think that they’re been cursed or something, but finally the news about “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” came! It was about time, for fuck sake, I didn’t want to wait until I’m 60 years old to listen to another recording from this amazing band! Of course one may say that the quality should prevail over quantity and in the case of Embrional it does work, as only four recordings in six years is not much, but they’re all killer… Also one may say that when the appetite grows and grows, the better the feast is. But what can I do, if I’m so inpatient? Anyway, I was also quite disappointed that it is Old Temple Records, who handles the release of “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours”. Well, I have nothing against Eryk’s label, as he’s doing a fine, but very limited job. I don’t know whether he’s going to be able to push Embrional as far as the band truly deserves it! His financial possibilities are very limited, so is his distribution… But who knows, maybe he’ll go a good job? I hope it’s going to be better than what he did for Abusiveness, whose excellent last album didn’t really surfaced outside of Poland. We’ll see.
Trust me, “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” is worth getting. This is just a massacring, annihilating death metal slaughter, of the best quality possible. Embrional takes a lot of credit from the top US based death metal bands – Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel and Nile to name just a few, but taking influences from them do not bring them any shame, as the way they composed and performed their songs is just top notch and truly excellent. “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” offers very thick, dense portion of nuclear force, which is tight death metal riffing, accompanied by very fast drumming and raspy growls of Marcin. The music tends to be quite technical and complex in many parts, but luckily Embrional does not cross the line, after which the music gets too complex and annoying. They don’t put thirty riffs per minute, often making sure that the music is more varied, with slower parts, even some melodic guitar leads and first and foremost, there’s a dark and grim atmosphere present all the time. Even if some of these riffs are quite complex and almost weird, in its technically advanced playing, Embrional still gets them right, often they’re almost catchy and thus their death metal do not belongs to the group of bands, which play fast and brutal just for the sake of being extreme.
There are many memorable riffs on “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours”, like in “Bestial Torture”, which may start with fast and relentless part, but soon slows down rapidly and offers even an impressive harmonious guitar lead. On the other occasion Embrional putted an acoustic fragment into their song, what – I have no idea why – reminds me Immortal hehe! So, there are plenty of excellent and awesome songs on “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” and it is really hard, if possible at all, to point out, which the best fragments of the whole album are. But definitely, when I listen to such riffs, as the opening theme of “Dismal Sign”, then I just can say that I love it and just bang my skull when listening to it. This one actually reminds me Gojira a lot, would you believe? And that excellent solo in the mid part of this track… Yeah, Embrional does show how good musicians and composers they are and definitely “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” belongs to my favourite death metal albums in the history of Polish death metal at all!!!!!! There’s really nothing bad I can say about it. The production on it is just top quality, very dense, brutal, very energetic and powerful, much better than what you could hear on the band’s previous recordings, which had a rawer and more underground sound. Here everything sounds just awesome, each drum part and guitar riff are like a thunder and napalm bomb and the vocals of Marcin – who again sounds quite close to Ross Dolan – are just superb. On top of all that, “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” has quite cool front cover and the foldout booklet is also something extra. Arggghhh, no way I’m going to let this CD leave my stereo soon… Definitely “Absolutely Anti-human Behaviours” belongs to the best Polish and not just Polish death metal albums and I cannot recommend it enough to you. Buy or die, listen to it, bang your head, break the crosses and read some excellent vicious lyrics. 666.
Final rate: 95/100

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