Saturday, 13 August 2011

Decomposed interview from Crucifixion zine 1992

Here's quite interesting and rare interview with Decomposed, great British doom / death metal band that I wrote an article about earlier. I though it might be cool to put this interview also.... Thanks to Matt, who ran Crucifixion zine back in early 90's and gave me his permission to use it now. By the way, please check Matt's videos on you tube he talks there about his collection of LP/CD/MC and presents some of the albums or demos from his collection. Really cool and interesting, I must say, I had a lot of fun watching all the videos he did and can't wait to see some more in the future. I must say I do envy the guy having some of the titles I've been looking for, but well... my collection ain't that bad either. So, please do check the website as well as Matt's black metal band Witchclan. And here's that Decomposed interview.


  1. Thanks for posting this old interview - it's good to see it online for everyone to see. If you want to use any other interviews from my zine then feel free! Cheers man