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Asphyx - God Cries

Asphyx - God Cries (CENTURY MEDIA - LP 1996)
"God Cries"... the fifth Asphyx LP and one, which I think brings much more controversy than all the previous recordings putted together. Why is that?
This album brings such changes in the line up, that it's unbelievable. Imagine that none of the guys who did the previous album, "Asphyx", recorded "God Cries"! The most noticeable departure was Eric Daniel's of course, who couldn't participate in recording of this LP due to some personal problems. It's a shame, truly, as he had such a unique style of playing guitar and his melodic leads are one of the kind... But from the other hand "God Cries" welcomes Theo Loomans back in the band. And man, his vocals are so vicious and morbid that it feels like a much welcome return. I really like his voice on this album a lot and think he's 666% better than this guy, Ron, who did "Asphyx" LP, although sometimes I have a feeling he tries to sound like Martin van Drunen too much. But I also really like his lyrics on the LP. They're very personal ("It Awaits" and "Cut-throat Urges" especially), many of which are also deeply antireligious.
The album surprises with its amount of brutality and fast / mid paced playing. Probably due to the lack of Daniels' personal style and his doomy riffs or leads, the album has completely different character and is almost totally deprived of the classic Asphyx slow parts. If its good or bad, it all depends on you. I've been hearing quite a lot of complains on "God Cries" and opinions that it's the weakest album in the entire band's discography. Well, I must say I agree to that, but I don't think the album is that bad at all. Sure, it's not as great as some of the earlier or future recordings, but I like it anyway as it is. With Theo on vocals, the album is fuckin aggressive as hell and there are some damn brilliant tracks also, which makes it more than just decent effort.
It's actually quite difficult to describe the album's style. It is straight forward basically and ravage, but the riffs are not in the vein of many death metal groups and definitely also not in Asphyx style... It is mainly old school shit and I think it probably takes a lot from thrash metal, just listen to "Frozen Soul", great mid paced and quite slow, for this album, song with cool headbanging riffing ("I got no feelings at all..." - yeah, just scream with Theo, dude). The same is with "The Blood I Spilled" or relentless riffing of "Slaughtered In Sodom". There are quite a lot of thrashing elements in these tracks, only played in death metal vein, don't know if you agree with me about that...?
And as I said, most of the music is very relentless and aggressive, songs like "God Cries", definitely the best track on the LP with its massive, slower chorus part, when you just must scream "GOD CRIEEEESSS!!!!!" together with Theo, or "It Awaits"... Some tracks are really fast for Asphyx standards and doesn't slow down even for the second, like "Died Yesterday", "Cut-throat Urges" or "Slaughtered In Sodom". They're pure rage coming out of the speakers. From the other hand "My Beloved Enemy" is slightly slower, but actually this is one of two of my favourite tracks from the album, I really like it a lot, its mood and Theo's depressive vocals, as well as quite melodic guitar solo in the end, even though while hearing it you definitely start to miss Daniels.
I must say I'm torn apart a little bit when listening to "God Cries". From one hand I enjoy it and think it is good album and worthy being in Asphyx discography, but from the other hand I think I miss the asphyxiated spirit too much in it. It does sound quite like different band and I wonder if it wasn't a mistake calling it Asphyx? Anyway, even if it is the weakest of all Asphyx albums, I still like it and think it's an important part of band's history.
Die hard fans may have been lucky and got the vinyl pressing of "God Cries", released by Joe Black Records, in limited 666 copies pressing. It does look fuckin' brilliant and contains two bonus tracks (demo versions of "Died Yesterday" and "The Blood I Spilled")... others might have bought the re-release CD under the title "Depths of Eternity"... Whatever you got, make your own opinion on the album. Personally, as I said, I like it, but miss the classic asphyxiated feeling in it.
Best songs: "God Cries", "My Beloved Enemy", "Frozen Soul", "The Blood I Spilled"
Final rate: 67 / 100

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