Friday, 1 July 2011

Necrophobic - Satanic Blasphemies

I must say I’ve been waiting for this compilation of demos and EP very impatiently. Man, those who don’t know the mightiness of early Necrophobic should perish in hell immediately. In my opinion this band, at their early stage, have produced some of the finest and most aggressive and dark sounds in the Sweden… and I consider their demo to be in absolute top five of the best Swedish death metal demo tapes. Ha, I guess that says a lot. So then, I bought the vinyl pressing of “Satanic Blasphemies” compilation that REGAIN has released… and I must say that I love that they’ve putted the old Necrophobic logo on a cover. Highly satanic front cover also looks great. Maybe the only thing I miss are some early band photos –there are just two – and maybe some liner notes from Joakim Sterner, but hey… You can’t have everything. Music matters above anything else.

So, three old recordings from these Swedes. “Slow Asphyxiation” demo from 1990 is first and music wise it’s very different to the future style of Necrophobic. It’s more death / thrash metal oriented, with influence from early Death, Possessed, Kreator, Slayer, Massacra, early Pestilence – it really reminds me Vader from their demos he, he… There already was David Parland together with Joakim Sterner in the line up, while the vocals and bass were handled by a guy called Stefan Zander, who only lasted one year in the band. I must say that I may not be totally crazy about that demo, but surely it sounds fine and has that obscure charm of early death metal recordings. The hilarious front cover this demo had also deserves attention he, he.

“Unholy Prophecies” from 1991 is just amazing. I love this demo. It’s just hard to believe it’s the same band that did “Slow Asphyxiation”, as they’ve changed so much during only one year it’s almost unbelievable. The line up has changed; Stefan Harrvik replaced Zander. Another major change was that Necrophobic went to Sunlight Studios to record the demo. Man, you can hear it, obviously this demo has THE SOUND. But I worship that production and “Unholy Prophecies” sounds killer. Of course Necrophobic’s style became more traditional for the Swedish death metal band – there are melodies, the harshness, the aggression, the dark mood and this feeling. The songs are almost catchy and have some hooks within few riffs – listen to “Unholy Prophecies” track, as this is the best thing this band has ever (!) composed! It has amazing atmosphere and the riffs are just stunning. “Sacrificial Rites” sounds almost like an old Morbid Angel, is fast as hell and totally uncompromising. But any song from that demo is worth placing it on the death metal altar. Not a single note there is bad, every aspect or detail of that demo is perfect and to me it’s something I would play to a Marsian if he wanted to find out what is this Swedish death metal thing about. Also, Stefan Harrvik’s vocals are just brilliant. Zender was good and his voice fitted the “Slow Asphyxiation” demo well, but Zender sounds incredibly brutal. His voice is one of the strongest points of the demo.

Finally the last chapter of “Satanic Blasphemies” is the CULT seven inch single titled “The Call”, from 1993. Man, I’ve tried to buy it several times on Ebay, but never managed as the prices were just over my abilities. And so I’m really glad that I can listen to this EP from the vinyl finally, even if it’s just a re-release. Who cares, if the music is so damn amazing!? Anyway, it’s been almost two years between the recording of “Unholy Prophecies” demo and “The Call” EP. There’s no such a big progress between these two as it was between the first and second demos, as Necrophobic already had their own sound and style, but that’s great. The production, from Sunlight Studios again – is absolutely top class and makes each of these three songs sound like a damn beast. “The Ancient Gate” is probably one of the best tracks ever composed, sounding more evil than your average Svensk Dods Metal. During “Father of Creation” I always have sense of déjà vu as this track and the guitar sound are all so close to Epitaph or Excruciate that it makes me smile, but again – who gives a shit, as I love it anyway? That sound has charm and the melodic, but aggressive riffs are shred. So, no doubt this EP is a total must-have for everyone, who dares to call himself a Swedish death metal freak. You won’t find many – if any? – better recordings in this genre and I can only with these songs to be played on my funeral. Worship it!
Final rate: 99

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