Friday, 1 July 2011

KOMMANDANT - Iron Hands on Scandinavia (Self release – demo CDR 2007)

These guys hail from fuckin US of A(rse) and sing about Scandinavia! Hell, why not? I guess this demo is about the WWII in the cold North of Europe; that much you could read from the title, cover and band’s name. All seems to be almost fascistic (ha), but I know that this band isn’t nazi. But I have to start that KOMMANDANT is rather new weapon, formed in 2005, but with some experienced soldiers in their ranks – from bands like CIANIDE, NACHTMYSTIUM… “Iron Hands on Scandinavia” doesn’t offer much, just 10 minutes of music, but this is fuckin 10 minutes of blizzard! KOMMANDANT attacks with furious fast death / black / thrash, unmercifully shoots with brilliant riffs from their machine guns and I’m so happy, because this is so great! Damn fast, but not chaotic, it’s sometimes almost catchy and thrashes like hell, especially in the slower fragments. In those fast ones it remind me Swedish black metal hordes like TRIUMPHATOR and MARDUK! In other ones it’s like HELL-BORN, but the headbanging is unbelievable, I feel like my skull will take off into cosmos! This really is fantastic raw metallic, unmerciful metal! Don’t think that KOMMANDANT comes with something new, no, they don’t. But still I love it! One – because they don’t give a fuck and just play it fast and damn aggressive, no time for bullshit. Two – there’s so much energy and vitality in it, I cannot just sit down and listen to it, I have to band my head or destroy something!!! This band hasn’t been known yet, but I dare to say they’ll get contract soon and attack again with more war metallic grenades. I’m ready to die!
Final rate: 90

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