Thursday, 16 May 2019

Warfist - Grünberger

WARFIST - Grünberger (GODZ OV WAR Productions - CD 2018)
Finally, I've got Warfist's third album "Grünberger" in my hands. And finally I can listen to some killer old school thrash metal from this Polish band!!! Their previous album "Metal to the Bone" was insane, I absolutely loved it, so don't be surprised to read my enthusiasm about this newest CD. Warfist is worth it! In between these two full lengths Warfist has also unleashed a split CD "Laws of Perversion & Filth" with Excidium, but I'm still looking for a copy of it, so I'm yet to be 100% happy, but now it's "Grünberger" time, so let's rip this stuff! 
And what can I write, other than it's absolutely enjoyable and awesome piece of thrash metal. When compared to the previous efforts, it feels like it's much more a pure and classic sounding thrash metal music, while previously it used to be harsher, darker, even on the edge of so called black / thrash. But "Grünberger" feels like a traditional thrash metal mainly in the German vein, but not only, as some riffs remind me old Sepultura a lot also (that first riff in "Feasting on Dead Bodies"!), which is great! And it's funny, as I'm not usually a big thrash metal, I don't even care for new thrash bands. But I like Warfist a lot and "Grünberger" turns into fuckin black gold. How come?! 
I guess it's all because it's not wimpy stuff, but raw, aggressive and truly vicious (and sodomizing!! Because it's so much like Sodom!!!) thrash metal and the influences are just right here (did I mention Sodom?!). Take these vocals for instance - Mihu uses very harsh, aggressive voice, spits his lyrics with fury and that sounds better than these shitty vocals I can hear on most of thrash metal albums. Riffs are memorable, so every song turns into a nice thrashing piece, the production is surprisingly very clean, so I listen to this album with a great pleasure, banging skull like a crazy fuck. Do I need anything else? Nope. Although I think I liked "Metal to the Bone" a bit more. Nonetheless, Warfist again proved to be a great band and one of the very few new thrash metal acts, which I can listen to with no problems at all. 
Standout tracks: "Slay, Swive and Devour", "Death by the Cleansing Fire",  
Verdict: 75/100 

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