Saturday, 13 October 2018

Nekron - Worshipers

NEKRON - Worshipers (PUTRID CULT - CD 2018)
I have to say that I have quite a problem with this project. Generally, you could say that Nekron is a pretty cool Burzum - worship and as such this project is fun to listen to. Sure, why not. There are four pretty solid songs on "Worshipers" EP and I bet it will gain some attention. But personally, the more I was listening to "Worshipers", the less I liked it. I do understand the general intention of its author, to capture that characteristic rough, mesmerizing atmosphere of old Burzum. It's a great source of influence for many projects. But damn, it feels like he limits everything to one or two ideas and every song sounds the same here. The same type of riffs, keyboard addition, the same slow tempo... But if lack originality is not a problem for me, then a complete lack of creativity definitely is. Even if I like some part of this music, I quickly gor bored with it at the same time. It's all just too fuckin poor, so after one or two spins I absolutely had no will to spend more time with it. 
Another thing is production of "Worshipers". I do like when black metal sounds rough and obscure. But "Worshipers" has this terrible sort of homemade sound, which I hate. For instance, guitars sound like they were computer-generated sounds rather than a normal instrument. So annoying! It all completely lacks that necro, dark and evil aura of early black metal from Norway. I wonder then how much better would these songs sound if the production was more "proper". I can sense that the effect would actually be pretty awesome, despite such one dimensional type of music. 
I do remember that the previous material from Nekron got quite positive review from me. Technically it didn't differ much from "Worshipers". And this EP is not terrible either. But I have enough and I doubt I will feel a need to come back to it often. There's too much awesome music around to waste time for it. 
Verdict: 55/100

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