Monday, 10 April 2017

Nocturnal Graves - ...from the Bloodline of Cain

NOCTURNAL GRAVES - ...from the Bloodline of Cain (Hells Headbangers Records CD 2013)
Australian extreme metal scene doesn't need special recommendation, I suppose, and I am sure that most of you are familiar with some bands from there. I have to admit that I somehow haven't heard anything from Nocturnal Graves until I recently managed to grab a copy of their second album "...from the Bloodline of Cain". And I am so glad that it happened, otherwise I would miss such a brilliant band, which I feel like is second only to Destroyer 666. Wow, just wow. What a great album this is and what a fantastic surprise. I honestly have been playing it a lot last week and will continue listening to this music slaughter, because I have not enough. And now I want to recommend you all "...from the Bloodline of Cain", because this album slays! 
I should probably keep this review brief, because it's not an album, which requires long descriptions. First and foremost, they're fuckin Australian barbaric legion! That should tell you everything, if you know this scene at least a little. Secondly, they play vicious and violent mixture of thrash, black and death metal, this music is as savage and aggressive as it can only get! Hell yeah, from start to finish we deal with attack of eight fantastic anthems of death, where's no time for harmonies or peaceful and relaxing sounds. It kicks off with total savagery and it finishes in the same vein. But what a great stuff it is, I simply love their songs, with so many fantastic razor sharp riffs and neckbreaking old school tempos. It blows my head off with the first seconds of "Promethean War" and I am just impressed until the very end and obviously I have the repeat button pressed on, because this album has to be played more and more. Fast, very intense thrashing riffs are definitely dominating here, there's almost no time to take breath and break from the constant headbanging. This album has the best ingredients of such style of metal and Nocturnal Graves managed to compose the most impressive album possible.  
Great performance, it's also fantastic sounding record, so basically everything about it top notch, in my opinion. I love it. The easiest thing to do would be just to compare "...from the Bloodline of Cain" to Destroyer 666, but that would be just too easy and so fuckin unfair to Nocturnal Graves. These guys are now signed to Seasons of Mist, so I hope new album will come out soon. And in the meantime I'm on a hunt for some other releases from Nocturnal Graves. Total recommendation. 
Standout tracks: "Ascension Through Lucifer's Might", "Slave Annihilation", "Iron Command" 
Final rate: 90/100

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