Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bolzer - Roman Acupuncture

BOLZER - Roman Acupuncture (IRON BONEHEAD - 12"LP 2015)
Bolzer is widely considered as one of the most impressive and worthy new bands and I definitely agree with this opinion. I love their two recently released EPs, it’s also good to see them playing many gigs, including tour with such a popular band like Behemoth – what only confirms that Bolzer is something of a sensation. But I know that quite many people moan that Bolzer only did EPs, but not a full length album release. People have high expectations… Meanwhile another new Bolzer release came out and all moaners will moan again, as it’s not a full length album yet, but a demo re-release! Well, personally I don’t care, as long as quality music is released and damn, so far Bolzer never disappointed me (besides, their music fits such shorter releases perfectly!). And here’s 2012’s “Roman Acupuncture” demo, now released on the single sided 12” vinyl. I actually did not have an opportunity to hear it before, so the more I am glad that Iron Bonehead came out with an initiative to re-release this material. Also because the quality of the packaging is simply killer!
As I wrote already, I did not have the chance to hear “Roman Acupuncture” before I got this LP, but now I can say that it’s another crushing Bolzer release. Damn, I am even more impressed knowing it was a debut recording of this band, but they already sounded like no other band before! Wow, this is something extraordinary and rare. You know, usually when new band appears we say “they sound like band X or Y”… For Bolzer, I simply cannot make such obvious comparisons. Sure, they have some similarities to other bands, but generally their style was unique and original from the very beginning. Awesome! I can’t even call it simply black or death metal, as those Helvetians have both styles glued together, but in special way. Their sound is very epic, obscure, the riffs and style of arrangements simply hypnotize the listener and the vocals of KzR are more like some evil summonings, rather than singing. And all three anthems (yeah, three again… I don’t know if it’s a deliberate action, to have three songs on each release?!) are simply impressive as fuck, the music is so damn interesting and rich with many killer riffs, harmonies, the aura is simply dark and grand, also very ancient, if you know what I mean (it’s almost like a musical / extreme metal illustration of the Great Rome!), so I always listen to Bolzer with my mouth open wide and jaw dropped to the floor. I don’t care also if people moan that Bolzer gets very repetitive, as it’s stupid opinion and I don’t agree with it.
Finally, I also love the production, as it’s harsh, but together with the music it all sounds very spatial, like the band was playing in a great chamber, so the sounds are echoing and hitting you with a great force. This is what I call a powerful and crushing death / black metal. So, I absolutely recommend this band to all maniacs, who had no opportunity to check them out yet. Believe me, “Roman Acupuncture”, as well as “Aura” and “Soma”, are real masterpieces.
Standout track: “Soul Eclipse”

Final rate: 89/100

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