Friday, 14 March 2014

Domains - Sinister Ceremonies

DOMAINS - Sinister Ceremonies (THE SERPENT FLAME - CD 2014)
Domains are yet another new band, which I was lucky to be introduced to, recently. These Spanish death metallers are completely unknown, having only just one demo released before this first CD “Sinister Ceremonies”. Anyway, I can sincerely recommend you this album, as truly it is an interesting and spectacular piece of metal of death.
The first thing, which I have noticed while listening to “Sinister Ceremonies” is the aura, which surrounds the music of Domains. I mean, this is not kind of death metal band, which would concentrate on utter and sheer brutality, aggression, relentless, unstoppable blasts and all these extremes. “Sinister Ceremonies” is focusing on creating the specific, dark, obscure, kind of mystic and eerie atmosphere; of something almost ceremonious... Style wise I think that Domains gaze and take influences from the old styled death metal scene, from bands such as Sadistic Intent, The Chasm, the old gods from Demigod, Adramelech, Immolation, Asphyx and even a bit of the ancient Morbid Angel. But there are also some hints of the occult black metal present, when speaking of the whole atmosphere of the music and the feeling it creates in the listener. Generally the riffing on this album is very infectious, it hits hard and definitely is also quite memorable, what is always great, especially when we’re dealing with such dark and sinister sounds. The vocals are more like ghastly invocations, rather than the typical brutal growling, what again fits the music and its mood perfectly… And finally the songs have always something great to offer and Domains is varying their music in good way, for example by using all these various tempos, from fast to slow, but mainly with mid paced pace…
Honestly, “Sinister Ceremonies” is not an album, which will deliver some instant hits and will be suitable for maniacal headbanging and other madness. I feel like this music is more suitable for careful listen; when you set up a proper surrounding, you play this CD and just let the atmosphere of this music devour you. This way you can truly feel its force, its essence. All songs on “Sinister Ceremonies” are pretty even; none of them is like an instant hit, which would be a trademark for the whole record… All are just equally good and even if that small sense of monotony can be present here and there, it doesn’t ruin the album. I usually hate, when I am not able to point out several best songs from the album… And if I was truly stubborn, then I would probably pick up one or three, but generally as I said already – the album is so equal and material so balanced that it is pointless. Take it as a whole and enjoy the music. Definitely though I can say that Domains is yet another great discovery of mine and I recommend you their “Sinister Ceremonies”, especially if you look for dark, eerie death metal sounds. Join the ceremony then!
Final rate: 75/100

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