Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bulletsize - Numb

BULLETSIZE - Numb (CD 2013 Sliptrick Records)
I have just received a couple of CDs from the band, which I didn’t know at all before… they’re from the Swedish winter sports centre, Östersund and are called Bulletsize. Musically they offer kind of thrash / death metal, in this more modern, not obscurely old school way, but I must say that I have really enjoyed their recent album titled “Numb”. Even if I hardly ever listen to such music, I must say that Bulletsize was able to force the headbanging and simply crushed with some great riffs and songs.
Style wise I guess I can compare the music from “Numb” to such popular bands as Arch Enemy, Hypocrisy, Evocation, Dimension Zero, The Crown… This is highly energetic, powerful, aggressive, groovy, as well as quite melodic thrash / death, with great, kick ass production. Quality wise I can honestly say that Bulletsize is just as good as all those bands I mentioned above, they do not lack anything and it certainly is stuff, which big metal labels would and should release (somehow though “Numb” was released by small Sliptrick Records). Their music has some truly great riffs, it is very well played and I cannot imagine that any fan of the bands from above would dislike “Numb”. All songs are catchy, but aggressive, there are many hooks, many powerful moments and while the vocals are mainly harsh and screamy, there are also few parts sang with clean voice (“Titans”). My favourite song is definitely the title track, which has a great, memorable chorus part and generally reminds me Hypocrisy’s more melodic, epic songs. I also like the opener “Swallow the Pain” for its great thrashing riffing and great heaviness and “Pay the Price”, but really I can say that all songs are very good and damn solid. With 35 minutes on the clock, the album doesn’t even get close to boredom, its timing is perfect I suppose, so I can only recommend it to all metal maniacs. It is nothing original and innovative, but fans should not care, as long as the music is good. And “Numb” is damn good!
Standout tracks: “Numb”, “Titans”, “Swallow the Pain”
Final rate: 70/100

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