Friday, 24 January 2014

ProFanatism - Painful Incarnations

PROFANATISM - Painful Incarnations (Promo 2013)
I guess it would normally be difficult to review the music of someone, who you know for so many years and who used to be your good buddy, also working with you in the same fanzine. Luckily whatever Błażej did in his debut recording of ProFanatism defends itself with the music, not just with the friendship. And that’s good, you know? I don’t need to fool anyone and say how good the music is, even if I don’t like it. Nothing like this happens here. Because it turned out that the sounds, which have been recorded as "Painful Incarnations" promo 2013 are just awesome and it is a great pleasure to listen to them. So, I also decided to do this review, even though the demo is not officially released yet and I only listened to it (probably 123 times hehe) on youtube… who cares, good music needs good support! But I do hope the demo to see the light of the fullmoon very soon!
Now, what can I write about ProFanatism and the music on "Painful Incarnations"? Well, first of all, it is a great black metal band. If I was going to compare it to some other bands, then I guess I would probably mention such Gehenna from their “WW” album. Some riffs also reminds me such Khold (especially in the first song) and even some stuff like Satyricon, Loits, Vreid and also some old Polish black metal feeling is present here as well… Generally it is very dark, possessing, obscure black metal, but with some sort of catchiness in the riffs. You know, such “Breaking Angels Wings” (which is also my favourite song from the demo) has such memorable and instantly recognizable riffs that I dare to say that it is damn catchy, but very powerful and energetic stuff. I like these riffs a lot, as well as the production and everything about it, really! “Breaking Angels Wings” is kind of song, which once heard you will rewind it and listen again and again, so bloody awesome it is. And the main riff in it is just incredibly killer. It is well balanced between the aggression and black metal roughness and the atmosphere and even has kind of more melodic parts. So, perfect tunes for me. The second song “In Eternal Void” is also just awesome. I love the opening theme in it and once more I just cannot say anything bad about these sounds. For me ProFanatism just made an excellent debut and I really hope to hear some more sounds from this project soon. Well done, comrade!
Final rate: 80/100

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