Thursday, 23 January 2014

Alcoholichrist - Sickness Addiction

ALCOHOLICHRIST - Sickness Addiction (Self released MC 2013)
I just received a couple of cassettes from a man, who performs under the name Alcoholichrist. And first thing, which I wanna say is that it is just cool that there are still people, who want to present and send their music to fanzines and do not think that I’ll just listen to their mp3’s, so it is also cool that the old tradition of making demo cassettes is still alive. Alcoholichrist sent me two tapes, with two of his projects and first one is called simply Alcoholichrist (another one is called Hell). I won’t be surprised if you say that you’ve never heard of it before, because it is just totally small, underground project, with just couple of recordings in discography. This cassette titled “Sickness Addiction” is sort of compilation, as it gathers two Alcoholichrist recordings – which are “Promo MMX” and “French Sabbatical Folklore”, which was a split with similarly unknown Sa Meute (originally pressed in bizarre quantity of 16 copies hehe!). So, in total “Sickness Addiction” has eight songs and about 30 minutes of music.
Musically it is some truly disgusting, primitive, abhorring black metal. The production is rather raw and harsh, but luckily it is not crossing the lines, when the music becomes inaudible. Actually I must say that I like how Alcoholichrist sounds here. Drums, guitars, loud and possessed vocals… everything is well audible and good. And more so, the sound fits the whole atmosphere of the musical style of Alcoholichrist perfectly. And this music is about creating specific mood, you know? Of something obscure, morbid, terrifying, evil, depressive... Black metal style of Alcoholichrist is mixed here with a lot of doomy passages, the tempo hardly ever would gets any faster, so it instantly creates this sorrowful, doomy, depressive feeling. But it works; there are some good riffs, some nice ideas and the overall performance – even if the initial impression of Alcoholichrist is that it is quite primitive music – is not bad at all as well. Here I must especially mention really nicely performed song “Von” of the band with the same name… really cool cover.
Final rate: 70/100

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